Analysis of laser light for optical fiber market with fierce competition nowadays

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Analysis of laser light for optical fiber market with fierce competition nowadays

Laser light for optical fiber as a new look in recent years to show the new production equipment, whether it is in the market competition mechanism, business sales channel system is not perfect, it will inevitably appear some sexual competition. People do not know the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of dry laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine to participate in the production of the scope is not detailed, such as how much precision can do production speed fast, these will also affect the further development of laser cutting machine. But as a new mechanical production equipment, its own for the original Nikkei saturated market is a challenge, and for the breakthrough of laser technology is a greater difficulty, so, for the high-tech laser cutting machine to join, we still want to choose goods than a few.


To measure the existence value of a production equipment, the most important thing is to evaluate its contribution to production efficiency and cost for its level. The advantages and disadvantages of various types of laser cutting machine in the production process are the best reference to their market application scope. It is not difficult to understand that laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency. And what about the evaluation of each of them individually?

Fiber laser cutting machine, cutting faster and more accurate. However, to dry some thick metal cutting, the advantage is not obvious, some laser cutting machine small volume, low energy consumption, suitable for dry small and medium-sized enterprises. Some laser cutting machine production power is larger, but fast. However, also because of the large power, the production cost will be relatively high. Recognize the various types of laser cutting machine in the production process, the correct choice of the required type, reduce the production of mistakes.


Of course, in the laser cutting machine market competition, not only the source of different laser cutting machine old and new meaning, but also the source of the old traditional cutting machine, during this period, for the dry laser cutting machine, outside the cutting machine era transition period. The traditional cutting machine still occupies a certain market share, in a certain occasion, many enterprises will still choose the traditional cutting machine. One reason is financial problems, and another reason is unfamiliar with laser cutting machines. So, for laser cutting machine, the market is large enough, although the road is a bit far, but it is still hopeful to become a trend.

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