Analysis of material requirements for hydraulic bending machine function

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Analysis of material requirements for hydraulic bending machine function

Reduce gasket adjustment and shorten preparation time. For example, hydraulic bending machines, which use 1/2 inch (0.0127 m) and meter jaws to form mild steel, have a bending radius of about 0.078 inch. During bending, die holes should be spaced 8 times the thickness of the metal material. If the sheet bending machine thick material is 1/4, then folding 10 feet need 200 tons, bottom die bending will need at least 600 tons, if the large sector of the workpiece is five feet or shorter, tonnage can be reduced by nearly half, which greatly reduces the cost of procurement. If a similar small bending radius thickness of the material, hydraulic plate bending machine must be a bottom die formation. Therefore, it is required 10 times the free bending stress. There are many kinds of bending properties of the material, the thickness of the material can be folded according to the detailed material. It is possible to obtain the tonnage of the machine bending machine manufacturer and estimate the tonnage required per foot length for different thicknesses and different materials.

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The brand of the material is also a pivotal factor.

If the bending radius is less than the thickness of the material, the front end should be used to punch the hole radius less than the thickness of the material and will press the bending method. However, the pressure required for bottom die forming is about four times that of free bending. It is often important to determine the specification of a new machine by the length of the material.

The bending radius is freely bent by the bending machine, and the bending radius is 0.156 times the interval of the die hole.

Bending machine under the same load, the table and slider torque is 4 times that of 5 ft 10 ft machine. In other words, the machine needs fewer gaskets and shorter adjustments to produce qualified parts. Compared with stainless steel and mild steel, the load required is usually increased by about 50%, although most brands of soft aluminum are reduced by about 50%.


CNC bending machine safety operation training

1. Check whether there are security risks around the CNC bending machine. Keep the work area neat and clean, all products are put in order, reasonable and standard, no piling debris anywhere. The safety area is clearly marked, and no one who has nothing to do with work is allowed to enter, so as not to affect the work of others. All auxiliary frames, fixtures and forklifts are properly placed. The ground is clean, clean, no oil, so as not to slip and hurt.

2 check the nc bending machine after the positioning range is normal, no block. Clean up the rear positioning movable screw and sliding guide rail, no iron filings or debris residue. All moving parts should be lubricated and lubricated in time. · There shall be no obstacles in the range of motion of the rear positioning, so as to avoid headbutt and damage to the equipment. Do not put any items in the back positioning range, causing blockage will cause damage to the equipment. It is strictly prohibited to locate the safe area of the range of activity after any part of the human body enters the CNC bending machine during the operation of the equipment, so as not to cause personal safety.

3. Check whether the position of the hydraulic tank cursor is in a safe position. The temperature should not be too high, and the oil quantity should not be too low.

When the cursor position is found to be lower than the safe position, it should be refueled immediately, and the bending machine manufacturer should ensure the normal operation of the oil pressure system. Regular quarterly and annual maintenance, cleaning cylinder sundry, replace the filter screen or sealing ring, the hydraulic oil is filtered and reused, shaoxing bending machine, if necessary, also need to replace the hydraulic oil, to ensure that the oil circuit is smooth. Check whether there is leakage in all parts of the hydraulic system (oil cylinder, oil pipe, etc.). If leakage is found, it should be handled in time.

Some sheet metal factories bought the bending machine, the use of less than two years of time is broken (except for poor quality machine tools), the problem is in the use of the way and maintenance of the machine. Let's see if you have done the right thing in the use and maintenance of the bending machine.

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Precautions for use

1. Before running the bending machine, the tools used must be matched with the control program

2. Be sure to close the bending machine after the end of the work

Maintenance of bending machine


1. It is suggested that the staff should have some experience in maintaining and repairing the bending machine, and carefully read the operation manual of the bending machine to be repaired.

2. It is recommended that the bending machine manufacturer overhaul the machine tool

3. The machine operator needs to check the machine every day to avoid oil leakage or loose parts of the machine

4. If you cannot solve the machine fault by yourself, it is recommended to contact the bending machine manufacturer in time



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