Analysis of the difference between vertical CNC V Grooving Machine and horizontal V Grooving Machine

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Analysis of the difference between vertical CNC V Grooving Machine and horizontal V Grooving Machine

According to the different concepts of CNC V Groove Machine, V Groover Machine are planned in two mainstream forms: vertical and horizontal. The horizontal V Groover Machine originated in South Korea. As an imported equipment, it has been sought after by many people. After using it, many disadvantages were felt. The wrong CNC V Cutting Machine concept of the equipment was due to the following aspects:

  One: The advantage of precision: The depth of the grooving is directly related to the function of the folding angle. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending direction R will be significantly different. When the vertical planing machine is working, the planing knife to the table is fixed in a linear orientation, and the precision of the interval between the blade tip and the table is controlled at 0.02mm. When the horizontal planer is working, the knife faces a channel with a width of 1.5 meters and a length of more than 4 meters. It is difficult to control it to a size of 0.1 mm.

Two: the loss of electrical energy: the vertical planer is reciprocating when the turret is part of the cutter, its weight is about 60kg, and the horizontal gantry is reciprocating together with the turret and the part is 1000kg The energy loss is more than 10 times that of the vertical planer, so the vertical Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine  is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly device.

Three: The advantages of processing scale: The vertical Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine   has more than a dozen independent pressing plates and a dozen independent clamps to actively clamp the sheet material, regardless of the size of the plate, it is easy to process, horizontal and vertical can be slotted, and the smallest workpiece 80 *80mm. The horizontal planing machine is only for large sheet grooving. After the longitudinal grooving, the sheet is deformed and cannot be clamped in the horizontal direction, which causes the horizontal grooving.

  Four: The advantages of the processing technology: the working surface of the V Grooving Machine is made of high-quality mold steel after heat treatment, and is precisely ground by a grinder, and the surface precision reaches the role of mirror surface. The working surface of the horizontal planing machine is made of ordinary iron plate welding. The stainless steel plate is higher in hardness than it. Planing wire and damaged blades make the table surface pitted. This is why the processed products are mottled.

  Five: The advantages of the device: The vertical V Groove Machine is made of welded steel plates, which has high strength and stable and quiet operation. It only needs to place the leveling device on the flat and strong concrete floor to work safely, and it is very convenient to move and hoist. Because the horizontal V Groove Machine runs at a high speed, the impact force is large, and the channel needs to be adjusted for the foundation, and the concrete foundation should be made according to the installation drawing, which is great for civil engineering.

   Six: The advantage of safety: the vertical V Groove Machine is actively clamped by hydraulic pressure, actively positioned, and actively works, and the operator stays away from the moving parts of the machine tool. The horizontal V Groove Machine machine clamps the workpiece within the movement scale of the machine tool. The gantry moves at a high speed, and the control part and the gantry run together. It is easy to cause personal injury to the operator and there is a great potential safety hazard.

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