Analysis of the key points to pay attention to the correct purchase of CNC plate shearing machine

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Analysis of the key points to pay attention to the correct purchase of CNC plate shearing machine

CNC plate shearing machine is very important for the development of science and technology. From meet the requirements of improving work efficiency, due to the emergence of CNC shearing machine, many large and medium-sized enterprises in the production of finished products to see the dawn, and the CNC shearing machine into the production workshop. Business owners no longer need to worry about the demand for their products in the market, in the processing of metal, non-metal plate and so on has played a great role.


Furthermore, the CNC shear machine has played a role in the rapid cutting of some plates that need to be processed. For example, we traditionally cut wood with saws. Everybody knows about saws. Sawing wood not only saw the speed is slow, but also makes people feel hard and tired, especially inconvenient to use, sometimes the saw blade is very easy to wear and fracture. And the use of CNC shearing machine equipment to give a person the feeling is not the same, fast aging, easy and simple, and cut out of the material quality requirements are very high. Because the height of the shears has two blades combined into a joint, the shear joint can be adjusted on the operation button, so the shear can be in place from any Angle. Even if the plate bending deformation, can also be adjusted according to the product size of the upper and lower blade proportion of the shear plate, can be used freely, to achieve the purpose.


In the actual operation of CNC shears throughout the process, we must pay attention to many key points. Before starting each application, check the connection line of the hydraulic shearing machine equipment and the switching power supply to see whether the line is brittle because of long-term use, and check whether the line is bitten off by mice and other small animals. Due to route difficulties and other reasons, it is easy to burn the hydraulic shears during the entire application process.


Secondly, there are many functional keys on the hydraulic shearing machine, which is also a key problem of inspection and maintenance. Because the staff in the use of hydraulic shearing machine, which function keys are often used to manufacture the finished product throughout the process. As we all know, any thing applied more, use for a long time will embrittlement easy to break, so the function key is also often need to check the target. If the function keys are very easy to swing, they should be replaced immediately. Of course, if the maintenance of the hydraulic shearing machine is often guaranteed throughout the application process, the CNC shearing machine is very durable.

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