Analysis of the movement process during the work of the sheet metal shearing machine

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Analysis of the movement process during the work of the sheet metal shearing machine

Analysis of the movement process during the work of the sheet metal shearing machine

The bending machine is composed of a workbench, a bracket and a clamping plate, the workbench is arranged on the bracket, the workbench comprises a base and a pressure plate, the base is connected by a hinge and a clamping plate, the base comprises a shell, a coil and a cover plate, the coil is arranged in the depression of the shell, the top of the depression is equipped with a cover plate. When in use, the wire is energized to the coil first, and the pressure plate is attracted after energized, so as to achieve the clamping between the pressure plate and the base of the plate. After using electromagnetic force clamping, the platen can be made into a variety of parts requirements, but also can have side wall parts processing. Sheet metal processing machine, usually used to bend iron plate and other metal plates, folded various shapes of the plate to make electrical cabinet and metal box.

DA66T Press Brake 03

Bending machine movement process:

(1) Static state

The static position of the bending machine is the dead point of the upper bending beam. To prevent uncontrolled downward movement, the system seals the rod chamber of the hydraulic cylinder with a leak-free back pressure valve.

(2) Downward motion

The downward fast closing movement of ordinary bending machine mostly adopts the form of free landing, that is, through the weight of the bending machine beam and the accessories to produce movement. In this process, the rodless chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is filled with oil through a filling valve, at which time the rod chamber will generate back pressure. Fast forward speed up to 250mm/s) is controlled by proportional directional valve open loop or closed loop. The fast forward motion begins at the top dead center and after a short braking phase ends at a distance of 6mm from the bending plate.

electrical crowning

(3) stamping/bending

The stamping/bending phase begins with rodless chamber pressure building. On the one hand, the stamping speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump. On the other hand, it can be adjusted by the proportional valve direction valve. At the same time, the direction valve also controls the synchronous operation of the bending beam and the positioning of the bottom dead point. The limit of the impact pressure is completed by the proportional relief valve to limit the pressure of the pump. The corresponding speed, synchronization, positioning and pressure are given from the CNC.


(4) Decompress

The depressurization of the rodless cavity either begins when the bottom dead point is reached or after a short holding time, which deforms the material for a certain period of time to produce flow, thus further improving the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Pressure holding and decompression are completed by proportional direction valve according to the instructions of CNC machine. According to the required operating cycle time, the decompression time should be as short as possible; However, in order to avoid unloading shock in the whole system, it is required to be long enough. In general, the decompression curve should not be allowed to be too steep. The optimization of the whole process is realized by proportional direction valve.

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