Annual joint punching and shearing machine sales work how to better carry out

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Annual joint punching and shearing machine sales work how to better carry out

hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine is a multi-functional equipment, which integrates a variety of functions in a sheet metal, as well as profile processing equipment. Hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine is widely used in steel structure processing, storage shelves, high voltage wire tower, telecommunication tower, street lamp, advertising signs, elevators, ventilation pipes and other civil facilities production enterprises. So what steps do you need to do to operate the hydraulic punching and shearing machine safely?


First, before using the hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine, carefully check whether the various parts of the machine are complete and normal, smooth lubrication, and clean the table to ensure that the working plane is flat and free of sundries.

Two, can not operate the hydraulic joint punching and shearing machine alone, need more people to cooperate with the operation, the number of people had better be about 3, cooperate to work, improve work efficiency and accuracy.

Three, according to the different thickness steel plate, adjust the mouth of the hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine clearance, and not a notch cut two different thickness of the plank the past year, sales staff in order to complete the annual sales target in doing the final sprint, many sales personnel, especially a line of sales personnel, in the market for more than a year more than 200 days, This is not alarmist. The New Year is about to begin with the results, results, or "consequences" of a year of hard work.

For sales personnel, how to do the annual work summary, as well as the next year's work planning and planning is very necessary.

We often see two types of year-end work reviews.

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The first "eye candy" type, make the appearance is very strong, lists a lot of models, data, and on the analysis to the international situation and domestic macro environment (not to mention, but long, estimation is also the result of the baidu out) down to the company for years past sales data and expenses, goal, but in fact are "broken", Hardly useful for real sales work.

See too many sales staff work summary template, it is really uncomfortable, also very frightened, afraid that others mislead the sales staff; Of course, I am also afraid of misleading my remarks.

And another kind of summary is formalism, going through the motions, as long as the work is done, in fact, it is perfunctory, irresponsible, of course, this is closely related to the company's management and culture. The former, though complicated and impractical, at least took the effort to analyze; The latter is turned into mere coping and form, without any use.


Going to extremes is never a good way. In my opinion, a good summary of work is as follows: In other words, it summarizes the past work achievements, finds out the problems of achieving or failing to achieve the work goals, as well as the methods and measures to improve, and finally proposes the overall work goals and directions for the next year (specific plans are determined according to the company's marketing strategy, and detailed plans and plans are made after the summary).

Sales staff to do a good annual work summary, it seems very easy, a page can also be completed, but to do a good job, do a bit, is not an easy thing.

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