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Application advantage of automatic laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products

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Application advantage of automatic laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products

Aluminum alloy products as a common raw material of industrial products, its power is important to reduce the body, prevent corrosion and so on, now the application range is very common. Especially in automobile manufacturing, such as engines, rims, instrument panels, etc. It involves welding and cutting. Due to the outstanding performance of laser welding machine, it not only improves the processing efficiency, but also improves the welding effect, which helps to improve the technological level of the industry. The application of automatic laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products is introduced below.

Application of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products

Aluminum alloy products laser welding machine for laser beam is accomplished by pulse laser beam or continuous, so when the laser beam directly with the surface of the aluminum alloy to the metal surface heat quickly spread to the interior of the aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy melt quickly formed a weld on melts the metal at the same time to form a kind of reaction, The surface of molten aluminum alloy is concave downwards to form holes.

Application advantages of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products:

fiber laser welding machine

1. High energy density, low heat input, small thermal deformation, narrow melting zone and heat affected zone and large melting depth; Wuhan Ruifeng photoelectric laser is one of the earliest manufacturers of laser equipment in China optical Valley, with 16 years of experience in r & D and production, leading peer enterprises in technology and integration. Since its establishment, the company always pays attention to the research and development of laser technology and the development needs of customers, and is committed to providing perfect material processing solutions for each customer.

2, high cooling rate and get fine weld structure, good joint performance;

3, compared with the traditional welding, laser welding without electrodes, so reduce the time and cost;

Application of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products

4, do not need the vacuum atmosphere of electron beam welding, and the protection gas and pressure can be selected, the shape of the welder is not affected by electromagnetic, do not produce X-ray;

fiber laser sourcelaser welding machine

5, can be closed transparent objects internal metal material welding;

6, laser can be used for long-distance transmission of optical fiber, so that the process adaptability is good, with computer and manipulator, can realize the automation and precision control of welding process.

Application of laser welding machine in aluminum alloy products

Above is the laser welding machine in the application of aluminum alloy products, with the laser processing application popularization level of ascension, laser welding machine for welding aluminum alloy products, small amount of heat input and heat concentration, especially optical fiber laser welding machine after the advent of more concentrated energy density of laser welding, laser wavelength shorter, high reflection of improvement. By laser wire filling, laser-MIG composite welding, double spot laser welding and other processes, the forming effect of aluminum alloy welding can be improved obviously, and the welding quality can be improved.



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