Application of 1000w laser cleaning machine in stone industry

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Application of 1000w laser cleaning machine in stone industry

Because of their delicate and fragile surface structure, high-grade stone works of art, such as stone carvings and stone carvings, have become the earliest application field of laser cleaning. It is found that using laser to remove the dirt on the surface of stone cultural relics has unique advantages. It can control the beam to move on the complex surface very precisely, and remove the dirt without hurting the cultural relics stone. The application of laser cleaning machine in stone industry is introduced below 1000w laser cleaning machine.

The laser cleaning machine force between dirt and stone surface is mainly physical force and weak chemical force. Weak chemical forces include hydrogen bonds and bond energies formed by charge transfer, while physical forces include van der Waals forces (including electrostatic, induced and dispersion) and capillary forces. Stone is more difficult to clean than other hard surface materials because of the large number of micro-pores in natural stone. The capillary force of micro-pores not only strengthens the various binding forces between dirt and stone, but also makes it difficult for external cleaning forces to play a role. Wuhan Ruifeng photoelectric laser equipment is cost-effective, with many years of laser research and development experience, product technology is mature, product performance is safe and stable. Ruifeng photoelectric laser always adhere to the "quality first, second service, third price" attitude, to provide customers with the best quality products and services.


One is to make use of the difference between the absorption coefficient of the substrate material and the dirt attached to the surface of a certain wavelength of laser energy, so that the laser energy is fully absorbed by the dirt attached, so that the heat expansion or vaporization volatiles, and the vapor flow formed by vaporization drives away from the substrate material to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The requirement is that the absorption coefficient of the matrix material to the laser energy should be small, so that the matrix material will not be damaged. Therefore, the key to achieve safe and efficient cleaning is to choose the appropriate laser wavelength and control the energy density.

Another kind is to the substrate material and surface attachments for laser beam absorption coefficient difference is not big, or attachments to heated surface will produce toxic substances, and so on and so forth of cleaning, usually is the use of high frequency and power of the pulse laser shock by cleaning the surface, make part of the beam is converted into sound waves and shock waves in lower back after a hard surface, The returned part interferes with the incident sound wave generated by the laser, resulting in high energy resonance wave, which makes the scale layer micro-burst, resulting in crushing and easy to be separated from the surface of the matrix material.

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Above is the application of laser cleaning machine in the stone industry, laser cleaning technology mainly uses laser beam to high-speed and effective removal of the object to be cleaned surface of the attachment, it saves time, labor, water, and safe and reliable, wide application, easy to automatic control. Especially for stone carvings, stone carvings, all kinds of edges and corners of stone surface fine structure, as well as the old stone cultural relics and other high-grade stone cleaning, the advantages of laser cleaning technology is many traditional cleaning process can not be compared.


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