Application of 1500W laser welding machine in automobile manufacturing

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Application of 1500W laser welding machine in automobile manufacturing

1500W Laser welding machine has become a trend in automobile body production, the use of laser welding in automobile manufacturing can not only reduce the weight of the body, improve the assembly accuracy of the body, but also greatly strengthen the strength of the body, while users enjoy comfort, to provide a higher security. The following follows xiaobian to see the application of laser welding machine in the field of automobile manufacturing:

1KW Fiber laser welder 4

Laser welding machine in the seamless welding makes the body structure precision has been greatly improved. When a car is running, every part and structure is subjected to different degrees of impact due to the bumping and squeezing of the ground, which requires a high precision strength of the overall structure of the car. Using the current laser welding technology, its dynamic and static stiffness compared with other welding processes can be improved by more than 50%, reduce the noise and vibration in the process of driving, improve the comfort of the ride, but also enhance the safety performance of the car.

1. Unequal thickness laser tailor-welded plate: the use of unequal thickness laser tailor-welded plate can reduce the weight of the body, reduce the number of parts, improve safety and reliability and reduce production cost;

2. Body welding: online laser welding in the automotive industry is widely used in the assembly and connection of body parts. The main applications include laser welding of roof cover, trunk cover and frame; Another important application of body laser welding is the laser welding of body structure parts (including door, side frame and column, etc.). The reason for using laser welding is that it can improve the strength of the car body and solve the problem that some parts are difficult to implement conventional resistance spot welding.

3. Gear and transmission parts welding. In addition, a variety of parts of the gearbox can be welded on this equipment, especially the differential case and drive shaft in the car gearbox, etc., which are often welded together after the production of single parts.

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The above is the application of laser welding machine in the field of automobile manufacturing, automotive parts laser welding machine adopts intelligent robot operation, through the collimation mirror collimation parallel light, focusing on the implementation of welding on the workpiece of a laser equipment. With simple universal instrument, flexible transmission non-contact welding can be carried out for the precision welding parts that are difficult to be accessed by large molds, with greater flexibility and operability.

The welding object of plastic laser welding is thermoplastic. The principle of welding is shown in the figure below. Specifically, under the action of pressure, the upper and lower plates are glued together. The laser beam passes through the upper transparent material and is absorbed by the lower material. The absorption of laser energy increases the temperature of the lower material, melts the upper and lower plastics, and forms welding joints through molecular reconstruction of the upper and lower materials.

In the lighting industry, most of the plastic combination with adhesive as the main way of plastic combination, but there are many problems:

1, manual production efficiency is low, high labor cost;

2, glue is easy to aging, it is difficult to pass the cold and hot impact test;

3, low viscose strength, low accuracy, poor air tightness, difficult to meet the requirements of waterproof;

In the face of so many plastic welding problems in the lighting industry, Bote Laser creatively developed a plastic laser welding machine used in the lighting industry to successfully solve the difficulties and pain points in the lighting industry.

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