Application of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine

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Application of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine

Advantages of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine

Method/Step 1:

Cutting quality

(1) laser cutting narrow slits, can save raw materials,

(2) the verticality of the cutting seam is good and the surface is smooth and clean.It can be used for forming and welding parts without subsequent reprocessing and cleaning.

(3) cutting edge without burr, no mechanical stress.Small heat affected zone, basically no deformation

(4) the laser cutting depth width ratio is large.For metal materials can reach about 20:1, for non-metal materials can reach more than 100:1.

Laser cutter 16

Method/Step 2:

Cutting process aspect

(1) laser cutting speed is fast.Low noise.No pollution;

(2) no "tool" wear problem in the cutting process, suitable for all materials;

Application field of laser cutting machine

Method/Step 1:

Garment industry

As an important part of China's economy, the future garment industry will be an important downstream market for the promotion and development of laser cutting machine.At present, most of the garment industry still adopts manual cutting mode, and only a few high-end factories adopt computer-controlled mechanical cutting machines for automatic cutting.With the advanced numerical control so that the laser instead of scissors function is constantly applied to the garment textile industry, laser as a new alternative to traditional tools facing a broad market prospect, but as a whole, laser cutting is still in a process of promotion, the use of a large area still needs time.

Laser cutter 18

Method/Step 2:

The advertising industry

Advertising industry is the traditional industry used by laser cutting machine. In 2008, the market sales volume of advertising and craft gift industry was about 1800 sets, with a market size of about 42 million yuan, and the annual growth rate was more than 20%.According to statistics, the penetration rate in the bank industry in the laser processing equipment is less than 5%, with the scale of the industry development, the original cutting tool processing equipment upgrade alternative demand will be promoted for laser cutting machine, the future of this application will produce more than 50000 sets of laser cutting machine market demand, reached 1.1 billion yuan, about 28 times the size of the market at present.

Fiber Laser cutter 07

Method/Step 3:

Furniture manufacturing industry

Using laser cutting machine to transform the processing process of upholstered furniture, the average day can complete about 50 sets of processing quantity, according to this calculation, the upholstered furniture industry alone will produce about 2600 sets of laser cutting machine market demand every year.At present, there are less than 800 enterprises producing upholstered furniture in China, accounting for only one fifth of the total number of enterprises in the whole furniture industry.

In 2008, the annual sales volume of laser cutting machine in the home decoration industry was about 400 sets, and the scale was about 40 million yuan.In recent two years, laser cutting machine in China's furniture manufacturing industry demand growth rate are more than 50%.In the future, this application industry will generate more than 10 times of the current market demand, the market size will exceed 260 million yuan.

Laser cutter 11

Method/Step 4:

The shoe industry

The application of laser in the blanking and carving of shoe material is the result of the development of fashion trend towards individuation.When the laser shines on the surface of the shoe material, due to the instantaneous high temperature, the surface of the shoe material can be vaporized, through the computer control of the laser movement and power, thus forming a variety of patterns, the production of personalized shoe material fabric.

At present, the application of laser cutting machine in China's shoe industry is still in the primary stage. With the cost reduction brought by the localization of the laser, the price of laser cutting equipment is expected to be further lowered, pulling more and more laser cutting equipment to replace the original cutting tool and carving process.

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