Application of numerical control machine tool in sheet metal processing

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Application of numerical control machine tool in sheet metal processing

The manufacturing process of non-standard equipment needs a large amount of non-standard sheet metal parts processing, with the continuous progress of Chinese economy and technology, and CNC machine tools have strong adaptability to workpiece modification, high processing accuracy, high productivity; Therefore, numerical control technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine tools, it solves the problems of high precision, complex shape, irregular, large batch of parts in sheet metal processing, and the operation of numerical control system is simple and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.


Non-standard equipment manufacturing process requires a large number of non-standard sheet metal parts processing, sheet metal parts shape is not fixed, traditional processing method is difficult, high energy consumption. The introduction of numerical control technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine tools. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch in sheet metal processing. It also has the characteristics of strong adaptability to workpiece modification, high processing accuracy and improving productivity, and sheet metal processing technology is developing in a diversified direction.

At present, sheet metal can be defined as: a comprehensive cold working process for sheet metal (usually below 6mm), including cutting, punching/cutting/composite, bending, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body), etc. Its remarkable feature is the same part thickness. In general, the basic equipment of sheet metal includes plate shearing machine, CNC punch/laser, plasma, water jet cutting machine, flame cutting machine, bending machine, and various auxiliary equipment such as: uncoiling machine, leveling machine, deburring machine, spot welding machine, biting machine and so on. Sheet metal is sometimes also called "platemetal", which is derived from English platemetal. It is generally used to make some metal sheet metal produce plastic deformation by manual or die stamping to form the desired shape and size, and can be further formed by welding or a small amount of mechanical processing to form more complex parts, such as the chimney commonly used in the family, iron furnace, etc. And the car shell is all sheet metal.

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In general, the three most important steps in sheet metal are cutting, punching/cutting, and bending.

Through the use of numerical control equipment in recent years, can enhance the processing ability of non-standard sheet metal parts, at present, like the main numerical control water jet cutting machine, numerical control plate shearing machine, numerical control bending machine, numerical control turret punch, spot welding machine, plasma cutting machine and other equipment can form a complete set of sheet metal processing production line. At present, the domestic use more shearing plate, bending numerical control system such as Dutch DELEM system, the application of the control system is more mature and stable.

Cutting plate is the first process in sheet metal processing, the accuracy of cutting directly affects the processing quality of the following process. Numerical control plate shearing machine is composed of numerical control device, servo system, measuring device and machine tool. The servo system is composed of three servomotor and servo drive device. There are two servo motors in the front position of the machine tool. Usually, one main motor works separately, and the auxiliary motor works when machining the hypotenuse. The CNC system gives two different instructions to form the hypotenuse. The rear positioning has a servo motor. The application of numerical control plate shearing machine makes large quantities of repeated cutting to avoid the scribing and line process, improve labor efficiency, and ensure the size of the cutting and the tolerance of the cutting diagonal.

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CNC water jet cutting machine to complete complex shape and hole sheet metal parts processing, machine tool operator according to the parts diagram and process requirements to determine the processing program. The operator writes the program directly into the program memory through the operation panel of the machine tool; Along with the microelectronic and computer technology increasingly mature, promoted the development of numerical control technology in our country. With the development of CAD/CAM machine, operators can use computer related software to input graphics into the computer generation program, copy into the disk through the disk drive input CNC system. Can also use the computer and numerical control system serial input method. The application of NC water jet cutting machine makes the original complex shape structure processing becomes simple, the processing of porous parts a positioning cutting molding, cutting precision is up to ±0.1mm.

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Bending is a forming process in sheet metal processing. When the outer layer of the material is stretched and the inner layer is compressed, cracks and fractures will occur when the outer tensile stress exceeds the strength limit of the material. It is important to reasonably choose parameters such as the width of the mold, the radius of the bending fillet, the pressure value and the holding time. Traditional hydraulic bending machine can only estimate the parameters by manual. CNC bending machine according to the input parameters automatically adjust the sheet size, through the numerical control system to calculate the required bending pressure, contact time and other related parameters, all the parameters are displayed on the screen. Numerical control bending machine is composed of numerical control device, servo system, hydraulic device and machine tool. Servo system is composed of a servo motor and servo drive device, machine positioning has a servo motor, automatic positioning eliminates the need for manual scribing, line process, bending Angle of conventional mold between 78°-180° can be adjusted, change to special mold minimum bending Angle can reach 30°, and ensure the machining accuracy in ±0.5°. At the same time, through the selection of new molds to make the processing of complex bending surface become a reality, such as processing some non-standard Angle steel, channel steel, C-section steel, cable tray, customized power distribution cabinet, etc., can be made according to the production needs of different specifications of products. In addition, CNC bending in large quantities of parts processing advantage is more obvious, can be completed once all the bending procedures of a workpiece, the system set after automatic adjustment positioning, positioning block according to the program automatically convert parts size, can greatly reduce the amount of labor caused by handling parts.

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Numerical control technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine tools. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch in sheet metal processing. Their application in production has greatly improved the sheet metal processing ability, so that sheet metal parts in quality, output is guaranteed. At the same time, the use of CNC machine tools greatly simplifies the production process, reduce the processing time and improve the production efficiency, greatly improve the utilization rate of materials, reduce the production cost and reduce the labor intensity of workers, will be the future trend of equipment application and development.

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