Arc four roller bending machine and oblique four roller bending machine difference? What kind of four roll plate machine?

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Arc four roller bending machine and oblique four roller bending machine difference? What kind of four roll plate machine?

When customers buy four-roller bending machine, they will find that four-roller bending machine is divided into arc four-roller bending machine and oblique four-roller bending machine, this time the customer is more difficult to choose, the arc four-roller bending machine and oblique four-roller bending machine difference? What kind of four roll plate machine? Here I will say two kinds of four roller bending machine difference

(1) RGS tilting guide: The side roller is driven by the hydraulic cylinder in the linear track to reciprocate up and down, as shown in the left figure below. The disadvantages of this kind of four-roller bending machine are difficult to maintain, accuracy can not be maintained for a long time, high energy consumption, low efficiency. Winding machine manufacturers have basically eliminated this structure.


Motion comparison of four roller plate winder

(2) PGS planetary swing guide: Due to the lever principle, the side roller can be driven by the smaller cylinder to make circular motion. Its advantages are reasonable physical structure, convenient maintenance, high precision, low energy consumption, high efficiency. At present, Italian and Turkish manufacturers in Europe: Italian PROMAU (DAVI), Italian MG, Turkish AKYAPAK and Turkish SAHINLER are using this new technology.

Stress analysis: (1) of RGS tilting direction rolled plate, loading unloading directly from the work roll to the hydraulic cylinder and rack discharge to the hydraulic cylinder and rack, compression load by machine on the base of the load, lateral load by the larger the diameter of the roller bearing load, due to the physical structure is unreasonable, the oil cylinder is larger, the machine on the deforming force also is great, support will not be able to recover after deformation.

Another disadvantage of RGS is that it does not tilt as the roller tilts (required for conical crimp), which means that the press roll cannot be tilted at large angles and the conical crimp is not easily positioned.

(2) PSG planetary swing steering force analysis: with the help of swing levers, smaller hydraulic cylinders are allowed to push the side rollers, and the PSG mode lateral load supports high strength shaft connection. In terms of physical performance, it makes full use of the principle of lever action, and the machine is subjected to small recoil deformation force and high stability. Therefore, in the long-term winding process, the load is small, and the maintenance is very convenient, only need to spend a small cost to replace the connecting shaft, you can obtain the same perfect precision as the new equipment.

RGS and PGS coil precision comparison:


Four high plate rolling machine

(1) RGS tilt guide: Detection and control system of side roller installed at the bottom of the side roller, monitoring and regulation of monitoring points is consistent with the side of the roll motion, the error depends on the balance control precision of the system itself, because the guide rail is easy to wear And not easy to repair and big relations with mechanical wear, the mechanical clearance on the guide rail sliding direction can only be automatically detected and compensated by the electronic balance system, And must be matched with automatic lubrication system, wear is very large, so the use of linear slide technology of rolling machine accuracy in general, will change with the wear of equipment.

(2) PGS planet swing guide: due to the high-tech improved equipment, make full use of the physical principle of lever forming, rolling is very easy, both sides of the roller along the upper roller arc movement, perfect molding.

Look at the comparison above you will understand, choose what kind of appropriate four-roller bending machine is better? Because two kinds of four rollers roll plate machine each has its own characteristics.

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