AUTO DUCT LINE AML-Ⅲ Operation Manual

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AUTO DUCT LINE AML-Ⅲ Operation Manual

Matters needing attention

Dear users,

When you buy mechanical products produced by our factory, please pay attention to the following matters:

1) If you find the attachment is inconsistent with the packing list when unpacking or have any questions in use, please contact our after-sales service department in time, please indicate the product model, specification and factory number.

2) In order to help you better understand the machine, please read the operating instruction carefully before installation and use. The installation, adjustment, operation and other matters in the manual must be clearly understood.

3) When the factory produces machinery, the whole machine is assembled and debugged on the horizontal platform. Therefore, after the customer installation, it is necessary to adjust the level before debugging.

4) After the mechanical products of our factory are adjusted, please check the clearance of each part to avoid knife biting or other situations.

5) For safety, the hydraulic oil of our factory has been pumped out after the inspection of hydraulic products. Please fill the hydraulic oil well after installation before debugging.

6) Special attention should be paid to safety measures and electrical installation. For the use of improper operation or improper maintenance caused by the use of the machine damage and personal injury by the user of their own responsibility.

We hope this product will be your effective helper.



  AML -- ⅲ air duct automatic blanking production line is a breakthrough achievement made by our engineering and technical personnel through long-term research and exploration and learning from the same field at home and abroad. AML -- ⅲ air duct production automatic line is composed of material tray, limit device, leveling, reinforcing bar, shearing and bending. The quality standard of the duct produced by it is reliable, and its characteristics are as follows:

● Can be used as TDC, TDF blanking production, also can be used as sheet blanking production;

● The design of a detailed study, can ensure smooth production;

● Excellent performance and price;

● The use of advanced NUMERICAL control, hydraulic control system, so that the whole system stable operation, improve the accuracy of processing.


1.Technical parameters

    AML -- ⅲ automatic air duct production line, its technical parameters are:

1, processing plate thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.2mm galvanized plate or low carbon steel plate.

2, the maximum speed of processing: 15m/min.

3, processing plate width: 1250mm (special 1500mm).

4, control error: length error: ±0.5mm/m; Diagonal error: ±0.8mm/m.

5. The bearing weight of the material rack shall not exceed 8 tons.

Working principle:

                           Punching shear square edge edge folding shear TDF (automatic flange) cutting

Winding - feeding - leveling

           and pressing bar

                               Bending shear and corresponding Angle iron, cutting matching plug flange cutting

                                  Shearing blanking


1.Matters needing attention

   Do not operate the machine without reading the instructions. Safe operation is very important.

Investigations by the International Security Council have shown that most accidents are the direct cause of failure to comply with operating regulations and safety measures. For the above reasons, as an operator, you must strictly follow the operating procedures and pay special attention to safety to prevent accidents as far as possible, and never allow any adjustment or lubrication during operation of the machine unless otherwise specified.

2.Equipment and configuration

    The automatic production line of AML -- ⅲ air duct is equipped with a feeding rack, a levelling and pressing machine, a punching tip and square mouth machine and a shearing and bending machine. The frequency conversion motor realizes stepless speed regulation, stable speed and accurate positioning.

(1) Feeding rack: feeding rack can be placed according to customer requirements of different thickness of the sheet. The feeding rack is driven by the motor through the worm gear reducer, the worm gear reducer has a self-locking function. The feeding rack can control the automatic feeding and stopping of the material coil through the limit switch. The control circuit has the function of automatic feeding, point moving feeding and point moving back material. The control is simple and reliable.

The plate material limit device: the mechanical platform is used for feeding, the limit can move freely and adjust, so that the feed is stable and reliable.

⑶ Leveling and reinforcing bar: it can realize leveling and reinforcing bar of sheet metal. The reinforcement is a shape with five parallel wires. Our factory uses high quality steel for heat treatment. Can meet the thickness of 1.2mm (excluding the hardness of super tough) steel plate. The stiffeners with five radians and the same Angle can be formed at one time, which greatly increases the rigidity of the formed plate (see attached figure ⅰ and attached figure ⅱ).

(4) Punching tip, punching square mouth machine: according to the actual requirements of air duct punching tip and punching square mouth.

⑸ Shear and bending machine: adopt full hydraulic shear bending, there are two compression cylinders, a shear cylinder and a bending cylinder.


3.numerical control system

    AML - ⅲ numerical control system is a special control system and special software specially designed by Shengtai company for automatic production line of air duct.

1. System configuration

The main machine adopts Siemens or Delta color high resolution LCD touch screen, and is equipped with Siemens or DELTA PLC, transmission part adopts Siemens or Delta frequency conversion, equipped with the latest turbine reducer, electrical appliances adopt Schneider or Chint brand.

2, frequency conversion control technical parameters: Feed speed: maximum 15m/min;

Control error: length error ±0.5mm/m; Diagonal error ±0.8mm/m

1. Main features and functions

(1) Can continuously complete feeding, leveling, reinforcement, Angle of impact, materials can smoothly enter the leveling machine mouth, shear, bending and other work, high degree of automation, reliable operation of the system.

(2) The special software for air duct automatic line has two interfaces in Both Chinese and English, and can be converted into each other. The software is simple and easy to learn. It only needs to input the size and type of the required product, without programming, and the Chinese and English interface can be converted freely.

(3) The system has full closed-loop control, so the error is small.



    During transportation, mechanical parts may be lost. Before installation and debugging, check relevant parts, such as gears, sprockets and chains, which may be lost.

The machine should be placed on the level ground, adjusted according to the situation, and equipped with the corresponding power supply as required.

The separated and disassembled hydraulic pipelines should be installed according to the signs, and special attention should be paid to whether the hydraulic sealing ring "○" type of the pipe joint is leaking, so as to avoid hydraulic oil leakage during the test.

The feeding rack, feeding plate and feeding roller shall be placed well, and the positioning limit plate shall be adjusted for the winding, feeding and feeding table to ensure the smooth feeding.

The guide plate and guide rod of punching and shearing machine should be adjusted for smooth feeding.


7. Debugging and operation

AML -- ⅲ air duct automatic production line processing plate thickness 0.5 ~ 1.2mm galvanized plate or low carbon steel plate, air duct processing plate width is 1250mm.

AML - ⅲ automatic production line can be used for sheet material TDC (plug flange), TDF (self - made flange) automatic cutting work. Its adjustment is as follows:

(1) users to process different thickness of the sheet only need to adjust the leveling press machine, the punching mouth, tip mouth, shear, bending part does not need to adjust, the thickness of the sheet processed by users is not allowed to be greater than 1.2mm.

(2) For the adjustment of the leveling and pressing bar device: the material is straightened through the leveling device by straightening the roller. Leveling embossing machine roller is fixed, the roller can be adjusted by hand wheel to turn the screw on the top roller to move up and down, so as to adjust the gap between the upper and lower roller, meet different thick plate straightening plate, embossing part installed on the roller, can according to the requirements for embossing, the adjustment method is: turn the handwheel, adjust the distance of roller and lower roller embossing depth in need.

(3) When starting the oil pump, check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient. If not, fill N46 Great Wall or Kunlun hydraulic oil to the oil marking line.

(4) The working pressure of the hydraulic system is 10Mpa, and its hydraulic principle is shown in the hydraulic schematic diagram.

(5) when testing the machine, should first check the whole machine parts, tight solid shall not loose phenomenon, in order to eliminate unsafe factors.

(6) Lubricating oil should be added to bearings, gears, drive shafts, guide surfaces and screw rods.


8、Try machine

1, test machine, should first check the whole machine parts, tight solid shall not loose phenomenon, in order to eliminate unsafe factors.

2, each bearing, gear, drive shaft, guide surface, screw, etc., should add lubricating oil.

3. The electrical system is safe and reliable.

4. If abnormal forming or abnormal sound is found in the test machine, stop the machine immediately, check and troubleshoot the fault before you can try again.

5. Put into production after successful trial.  

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