Automatic control system of color steel sheet forming machine Double deck machine

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Automatic control system of color steel sheet forming machine Double deck machine

Double deck machine Four single board operation: 

1.The 1 watts machine moves forward and backward, cuts up the cutter and cuts down the knife, respectively, corresponding to manual action.

2 press the oil pump start button. Pay attention to the steering of the oil pump motor. The motor must be turned to work properly  steel sheet forming machine.

3 In the manual state, hold the knife up to the upper limit, press the tile machine forward, move the board to the edge of the knife, press the scissors down to the cutting board, press the scissors up to the upper limit.

4. The upper and lower scissors are controlled by a set of solenoid valves: (single cylinder type). Select the upper layer and press the ALM button on the upper layer. If there is also a knob switch to control the upper and lower levels of conversion, while the knob switch to the corresponding upper level, according to the knife drop, knife opening, touch the downstream switch, PLC on the digital 6 light, stop pressing the knife drop. The function of the knob is to transform the encoder of the upper layer and the lower layer.

When the lower level works, press ESC key, if there is another knob switch to control the upper and lower levels of conversion, while turning the knob switch to the corresponding lower level, according to the knife lift, knife opening, touch the upper journey switch, PLC digital 7 light, stop pressing the knife lift


(2) The upper and lower scissors are controlled by two sets of solenoid valves, or by one set of solenoid valves, but the upper and lower scissors are separately controlled by a throttle valve. The upper and lower scissors are controlled by a knob switch. The knob switch is screwed to the corresponding upper or lower layers to select the right one. Working encoder. Then use the upper and lower layers of the knife are raised according to the knife, the knife opens, touch the upstream switch, the number 7 on the PLC lights, stop the knife lift.

5 set production tasks, set the buttons according to the above instructions. After all settings are completed, the current number and length of sheets are cleared, the automatic switch button is pressed, the automatic working state is entered, the automatic indicator light is on, and the machine starts to work according to the set data.

6 stop halfway to press the emergency stop switch. Continue to work, turn the emergency stop and press the automatic switch button.

7 If you just want to stop the oil pump, press the oil pump to stop or stop.

When setting the number of sheets after work, the tile machine can run only if the number of sheets is reset by pressing ALM key and the current number of sheets is reset by pressing Appellate 

5.* If the length of the board does not conform to the requirements, press_or_to move to the next screen and adjust the amount of compensation plus or minus the amount of compensation based on the original amount of compensation. {correction front plate length + compensation quantity plus compensation minus = correction plate length}

The deceleration distance is used for frequency conversion machine, generally 200 millimeters. This value of ordinary machine is meaningless.

9 When one layer is finished and needs to go to another laminate, first switch to manual state, or power off, 5 minutes later re-energize, return to the first screen of the display, re-select, and then turn on the automatic. Normal work.

10 in the current layer of work, to continue to work, just zero the number of sheets, and then open automatically.

11 Inverter parameters have been adjusted when leaving factory, no special circumstances need not be changed. If you need to change parameters, please contact the manufacturer.


10 size inaccurate processing method: Firstly, the counter wheel should be fixed firmly, not swing when rotating, counter installation mode: from the edge of 10 cm above the peak, from the shear of about 3 rows of shafts position: the counter must press to the peak, and a certain degree of strength, can not have a gap, otherwise count inaccurate

Solenoid valve of hydraulic station

Adjust the dimension with the outer wheel coefficient: set the length, the actual length * 1000 x = the original coefficient = the new coefficient.

Dimension inaccuracy: First, according to the fourth part of the above described encoder pulse number and the box settings are matched, and then press the following check:

See if the screen's current length is in line with the actual length.

Conforming: this condition is usually the actual length > the set length.

The inertia of the machine is great. Solution: reduce or use compensation.

Adjustment of foreign wheel coefficient introduced. The frequency converter type can be lengthened and decelerated appropriately.

Does not match: see whether the current length matches the set length.

Consistency: Actual length > set length, error greater than 10MM, this situation is generally due to the installation of the encoder wheel loosening caused by careful inspection, and then strengthen the encoder wheel and bracket, you can. If the error is less than 10mm, there is no frequency converter model, if the equipment is old can not go, add frequency converter will solve the inaccurate phenomenon, if there is frequency converter model, can increase the deceleration distance, and check the installation of encoder.

Inconsistency: Set length, current length, actual length of the three are very different, irregular, check whether there is welding machine, signal transmission, receiving equipment, if not, it is possible, encoder bad, or PLC bad, contact the manufacturer.


Matters needing attention:

1 when equipment works live, pay attention to safety.

2 no hand or foreign object can be inserted into the knife edge at any time.

3 electrical cabinet should pay attention to rain and sunscreen; counters prevent hard objects from hitting; lines prevent the boards from breaking.

4 lubricating oil is often added to the mechanical parts.

5 power off when plugging in the air plug.


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