Bending machine CNC transformation, bending machine transformation CNC system replacement

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Bending machine CNC transformation, bending machine transformation CNC system replacement

The bending machine is upgraded to a simple  bending machine  CNC from the ordinary torsional shaft bending machine before. The CNC system controls the motor operation of the X-axis and the Y-axis of the rear stopper through frequency conversion or service, so as to achieve programmable automatic positioning function. It is a relatively economical NUMERICAL control type. Now because of technological update, processing accuracy and process requirements of continuous improvement, the market began to high-end electro-hydraulic service CNC bending machine, electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine adopts new electro-hydraulic service technology, 

DA66T 折弯机3

through The grating ruler on both sides of the slide block is used to control the sliding block for the NUMERICAL control system. The numerical control system adjusts the opening between the proportion of the two cylinders in real time to achieve the synchronization of the two cylinders. The synchronization performance is good and the positioning accuracy is high

Shaft rear baffle control (rear baffle refers to the front and back, up and down, left and right respectively), bending pressure automatic calculation automatic output, upper dead point, pressure point position setting, rear baffle back, automatic calculation of arc bending, and can be added to the table

Degree compensation mechanism (the system automatically calculates and adjusts the compensation, so that the Angle of the first line is better when folding long workpieces high block CNC system can provide more graphics programming is the simulation of folding function


Bending machine transformation can be divided into several types: one, ordinary bending machine transformation for simple NUMERICAL control: ordinary bending machine can add linear guide rail and ball screw rear retaining mechanism, replace the electrical control part, add numerical control system, can achieve rear retaining

Automatic positioning of material and cylinder stroke, and can realize multi-step folding and checking programming, is a more economical transformation scheme control mode can use frequency conversion control of ordinary motor and servo motor control, because the servo control mode is fast and high precision

Therefore, it is generally recommended to adopt clothing control mode in the current transformation. The rear stopper adopts light bead screw and linear guide rail to ensure the positioning accuracy of the rear stopper. After the general transformation, the positioning accuracy can reach within 0.5-0.1mm, and the dry bending workpiece

Customers who are not complicated and require automatic positioning of rear stopper are a good choice;


Ordinary folding machine or machine controlled by mechanical service folding machine to transform into electric full service CNC folding machine: in the ordinary folding machine mechanical part of the function and accuracy can still be transformed into a full servo CNC folding machine

Check machine, after the transformation to achieve the above electronic hydraulic service CNC folding check machine function, zero removal of the original hydraulic system, according to the existing machine tool oil pump cylinder and hydraulic tank to do the hydraulic part of the matching, replace the new electro-hydraulic servo

Hydraulic valve group, replace a full set of electrical control system, add electro-hydraulic synchronous NUMERICAL control system, add grating ruler on both sides of the slider, add mechanical compensation installation of the worktable if the conditions are allowed, this kind of transformation cost is high, so it is more suitable for

The transformation of large machine tools;


Three, the modification and upgrading of the damage of the electro-hydraulic service NUMERICAL control system: many users bought the electro-hydraulic servo NUMERICAL control bending machine more than ten years to twelve twenty years ago, and the number of years of dry use has been high, the NUMERICAL control system is inevitably damaged, aging and so on

Barrier, due to the CNC system update relatively fast, many good system are out of production or accessories have been unable to repair, and CNC system female is a folding machine brain, the system uncovered after the machine became scrap iron, and a lot of this equipment is

Expensive or imported equipment, it is a pity to throw away. Therefore, the new numerical control system can be replaced according to the configuration of the existing hydraulic valve group and machine tool. By changing the electrical circuit and part of the accessories, add a new numerical control system to match and

Because the new CNC system features higher configuration, more convenient to use, after the transformation to better than before

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