Bending machine operation should pay attention to bending plate thickness

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Bending machine operation should pay attention to bending plate thickness

The operation of the bending machine should pay attention to the thickness of the bending plate. In the bending process, the bending force required by the metal plate is proportional to its thickness. The greater the thickness of the sheet metal, the greater the bending force required, the required tonnage of equipment is also increased.

Before bending the metal plate bending v-shaped plane slot, the remaining thickness of the plate is greatly reduced, so that the plate bending required bending force will be reduced accordingly, CNC bending machine so that the thick plate can be bent on the smaller tonnage of the bending machine. This not only reduces the investment in equipment, but also saves energy and space.

How to avoid bending Angle and size deviation

For the bending process, the quality of bending forming mainly depends on the Angle and size of the two important parameters. When bending, in order to ensure the forming size and Angle of bending, we need to pay attention to the following aspects.


(1) The upper and lower die of the knife different heart, will lead to bending size error, bending before the upper and lower die tool alignment adjustment.

(2) After the left and right position of the rear stopper block moves, the relative position of the plate and the lower die may change, thus affecting the bending size, and the distance of the position of the rear stopper block should be determined again before bending.

(3) The parallelism between the workpiece and the lower die is not enough, which will cause the bending rebound and affect the bending Angle. The parallelism should be measured and adjusted before bending.

(4) When the first bending Angle is insufficient, the second bending will also be affected, the accumulation of bending error will lead to the workpiece forming size and Angle error increase, so it is particularly important to ensure the accuracy of unilateral bending.

When ⑸ bending, the size of the V mouth of the lower die is inversely proportional to the bending pressure. When processing metal plates of different thickness, it is necessary to select the appropriate V groove of the lower die according to the provisions. Generally, 6 ~ 8 times the thickness of the plate is the most appropriate.

⑹ the workpiece in the plane after the v-groove bending machine bending, to ensure that the ambiguous edge, the bottom edge of the workpiece v-groove and the bottom edge of the v-groove in the same vertical surface.

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⑺ When the workpiece is bent after the grooving, in order to prevent the knife clamping, the mold Angle is best controlled at about 84°.

As a new type of bending process, grooving process is the result of market selection. With the continuous development of technology, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for process personnel. As a technologist, we can only make better products by mastering the processing technology; Only continuous exploration and pursuit of new technology, in order to produce more excellent products.

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