Better application of the ​Plate rolling machine should pay attention to the details

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Better application of the ​Plate rolling machine should pay attention to the details

Plate rolling machine is an important equipment in plate processing, which can roll metal plate into cylinder, arc, fan, cone and other workpieces. It is a universal equipment for bending, forming and correcting metal plate.

Plate rolling machine is now a kind of machine and equipment that the production enterprises prefer to apply. The advantage of this equipment is convenient, saving manpower and work. In order to make the automatic plate rolling machine work better, it is necessary for us to clean it. When cleaning, we should pay attention to the following problems:

1. When cleaning the automatic plate rolling machine, the attachments in the oil pipe can be removed by tapping the oil pipe with non-metallic objects.

2. Cleaning time can be based on the complexity of the automatic plate rolling machine. Filtration accuracy requirements and pollution degree to be adjusted, generally 48-60 hours.


3. Use hydraulic oil, not kerosene and other liquids, to prevent corrosion of hydraulic system.

4. Before cleaning, install filter or filter on the circuit of cleaning oil circuit.

5. The automatic plate rolling machine and cleaning medium should be heated at the same time, the temperature of hydraulic oil is generally 50-80℃.

6. After cleaning the hydraulic system of the fully automatic plate rolling machine, continuous operation is required until the temperature of the hydraulic system returns to normal.

These are all the problems that should be paid attention to when cleaning the automatic plate rolling machine. We must follow the above methods when cleaning the machine, and remember not to act blindly.


Let's discuss how to choose the right winding machine. The methods we summarized are as follows:

1. The influence of material plate quality on the production of coil plate. Rolling machine design is one of the elements of the material plate quality, is rolling machine industry consider material elements of one of the manufacturers. The temper brittleness of a metal. The yield strength and the use of the plate are important factors to be taken into account by the manufacturers of the rolling machine. This is especially important since the reform of the steel smelting industry in recent decades. For example, what used to be mild steel is now a thing of the past and out of fashion.

2. Work with manufacturers who are willing to discuss the details of their requirements. To get the answers you want, buying starts with learning to ask the right questions. Every business has its own unique needs, and by answering the questions of the system, sales can develop a plan that suits the buying needs. Enterprises should also consider whether they need to roll conical or parabolic products to expand the market. The CNC plate rolling machine with thick upper roll and thin lower roll is the ideal machine for rolling this shape. The advantage of this machine is that it can effectively eliminate the wear of the plate surface and avoid the wear process of the cone. The theoretical balance that can be achieved by a numerical control system is not the correct cone is actually achieved by a balance of torque. The correct balance allows the material plate to be machined with a taper in 5 seconds.


On the other hand, purchasing must let the supplier know the diameter, material, error, shape. For example, the pressure vessel industry has a requirement that the roundness error in the diameter direction be less than 1%. Sometimes the power of the rolling machine is too high, otherwise there will be cylinder phenomenon, and directly lead to unqualified products, seriously affect the enterprise efficiency.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of the rolling machine must take into account all the special needs of the buyer. Buy from a manufacturer who wants to sit down with you and discuss the details. Details are important, but often overlooked by buyers, the responsible manufacturer must confirm these details.

3. Select the company according to the conditions, decide which materials and thickness can be profitable, coil manufacturers must also design according to these parameters. Manufacturing the corresponding winding machine, not only can save a lot of time, but also can greatly reduce the rework rate.

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