Better operation of double cylinder hydraulic sheet bending machine to understand

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Better operation of double cylinder hydraulic sheet bending machine to understand

Now many factories for daily production, the bending machine will be applied in their actual production, it has become a popular machine in the industrial manufacturing industry, so why is it so popular? Mainly it has a lot of use advantages, these advantages are mainly concentrated in its structure, running mode, and its running speed and so on three aspects. Here's how:


Double cylinder hydraulic sheet bending machine when using the skills:

1. Before doing a good job in bending, we must do a good job in the investigation and overall environment of materials. For many dangerous sites or items, we must do a good job in time.

2, to use the bending machine should be carefully all parts, fully prepared for the future work, if the work, also can not be full load. Machine running load is easy, we should seize the time to improve bending efficiency, as far as possible to keep the machine running.

3, in the maintenance of the bending machine must be disconnected from the driving force and do a good job after the engine flamed out, so not only ensure the safety of the actual operation staff, and can better ensure the good use of machinery.

4. Daily life maintenance focuses on troubleshooting and lubrication and adjustment of the whole machine. The lubrication points of the whole machine shall be rotated by stages, and the parts of the roller, the main drive intermediate shaft, and the rear drive intermediate shaft shall be mainly maintained.


Debugging method of hydraulic sheet bending machine:

Hydraulic sheet bending machine in use may need to be debugged because of some problems, the following is the specific method of debugging, let's take a look.

1. When the hydraulic bending machine is installed and calibrated at a good level, wipe off the anti-rust oil on the sliding and processing surfaces of the hydraulic bending machine, and clean them carefully. According to the lubrication diagram of the equipment, the sliding parts are re-filled with appropriate lubricating oil as required.

2. Check the firm bolts at each connection to prevent the loosening caused by transportation and lifting from affecting the use and safety of the hydraulic bending machine.

3, clean the oil tank, check the filter screen, and fill enough hydraulic oil as required. Fill hydraulic oil at the oil return part of the oil pump according to the instruction.

4. Check the electrical parts and make sure there is no potential safety hazard before connecting to the power supply and starting the motor. After making sure that the oil pump is turning correctly, run it for three minutes.

5, the electrical button to the point moving position, step down the foot switch, so that the hydraulic bending machine in no load up and down several working stroke, in order to check the electrical and hydraulic components work normally.

6, folding plate: according to the thickness and length of the plate, choose a reasonable v-groove under the die and hydraulic bending machine pressure. The test folding plate should be thin and then thick, and the pressure should be small and then large to check the execution of the command of various components.

The above is about the use of hydraulic sheet bending machine and debugging method of detailed introduction, if you do not know how to correctly use hydraulic sheet bending machine, you can refer to the above content, I hope to help you.


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