BS3015D-1500W Laser cutting machine price is decided by which several aspects?

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BS3015D-1500W Laser cutting machine price is decided by which several aspects?

BS3015D-1500W Laser cutting machine as for the processing requirements have a very high standard of equipment, once the improper operation will seriously affect the processing quality of the equipment, so we want to make the equipment can operate normally, then we must ensure that their operating process, method is correct. Therefore, the following Xiaobian will tell you how to carry out the operation process of the equipment.

1, in strict accordance with the regulations, follow the laser cutting machine equipment startup, shutdown principles, do not force to close or open;

2. Employees shall not operate the machine without training. Only after a complete training can they operate the machine;

3. In the process of equipment work, external personnel shall not approach the operation table and console, and the core operation link shall be completed by personnel;

4. Mediate the optical path of the machine tool, mediate the cutting under the follow up method, force to follow the accurate control process, to ensure the safety of man-machine;

5. Every time you start the machine, return to the reference point, check and treat the focusing lens, calibrate the coaxiality of the beam nozzle, open the cutting auxiliary gas, and the pressure inside the bottle should not be less than 1Mpa;

6. Check the external optical road guarantee gas, cold road cabinet, cooling river road, air compressor, cold dry machine and water discharge filter of laser cutting machine once a week.


So when you control the use of laser cutting machine, you must pay attention to whether your operation mode is correct, and in the whole process of the operation of the cutting machine, you should also pay attention to avoid the abnormal phenomenon of the cutting machine equipment in the operation process and not timely detection and processing.

The laser beam is paired with a high purity inert cutting gas to force the molten material away from the slit, but the gas itself is not involved in the cutting. Laser melting cutting can get higher cutting speed than gasification cutting. The energy required for gasification is usually higher than that required to melt the material. In laser melting cutting, the laser beam is only partially absorbed. Because many people are in a hurry to put into use after installation, the precision of the cutting machine equipment is not adjusted well, resulting in cutting failure and poor phenomenon. The cutting speed increases with the increase of laser power and decreases almost inversely with the increase of plate thickness and material melting temperature. In the case of a given laser power, the limiting factor is the air pressure at the slit and the thermal conductivity of the material. Laser fusion cutting for iron materials and titanium metal can be obtained oxidation - free incision. The laser power density that produces melting but less than gasification is between 104W/cm2 and 105W /cm2 for steel materials.


Laser cutting machine price is decided by which several aspects?

When it comes to laser cutting machine, it is often used in industry a kind of plate cutting equipment, it has the characteristics of accurate cutting, convenient and fast, but also by the major industry praise, so the price of laser cutting machine on the market is also uneven, so the price of laser cutting machine is determined by what several aspects? ] The price of laser cutting machine is divided into the following types according to the type of laser cutting machine commonly used. 1, laser cutting machine price of fiber laser cutting machine Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly aimed at some thin sheet metal, in the whole laser cutting machine industry, its cutting speed is relatively fast, fiber laser cutting machine price is divided according to its power, the general power is between 500-4000W, Its specific price range is around 500,000 to 4 million yuan. So in this hot summer, in order to avoid the failure of the cutting machine in the process of use, how should we maintain the equipment? 2, laser cutting machine price of YAG laser cutting machine speaking of this YAG laser cutting machine, from the single speed, and fiber laser cutting machine, is comparable, but it and fiber laser cutting machine an obvious difference is that its photoelectric conversion rate is relatively low, cutting precision and quality is poor, So for some of the higher technical content of the plate in the cutting, is not suitable for the use of these YAG laser cutting machine, its general power between 450W-1000W, its specific price in between 100,000-400,000. 3, CO2 laser cutting machine price CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for especially thick plate cutting, so its power is also very large, between 1000W-4000W, the price is relatively high, its specific price range is more than 1 million.

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