BS3015D-2000W Laser cutting machine manufacturer quote is based on what

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BS3015D-2000W Laser cutting machine manufacturer quote is based on what

Now many customers buy BS3015D-2000W Laser cutting machine manufacturer quote is based on what will shop around, consult different manufacturers to ask the same power of the equipment, the equipment price is different. So laser cutting machine manufacturers quote is based on what? The following high energy laser to introduce to you.

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At present, the quotation of laser cutting machine manufacturers is generally determined according to the added value of the brand and equipment configuration. Many customers will not understand what the added value of the brand is? Brand added value is mainly reflected in the manufacturer's equipment process work and after-sales service two pieces, different laser cutting machine manufacturers of equipment assembly process and quality is certainly different, generally established for a long time, equipment assembly experience is rich, can avoid some unnecessary design defects, ensure the normal operation of equipment. After-sales service is also an important point. Many manufacturers have been established for a relatively short time, and the after-sales service is not very perfect. The after-sales capacity is limited, and problems can not be solved, affecting the normal work of customer equipment. Big brand manufacturers will have a perfect system and response time in the after-sales service, which can quickly judge the problem, solve the problem, and ensure the normal operation of customers' equipment.

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Laser cutting machine configuration is based on the customer's budget, different manufacturers in the configuration will be different. So there's a big difference in terms of price. Summary of each manufacturer's laser cutting machine configuration differences mainly have the following aspects:

1. Laser, laser is the core component of the equipment, generally divided into imported and domestic two categories, the same power difference is large, the import is mainly IPG, domestic is mainly Rayco.

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2. Operating system. The operating system is mainly divided into domestic and imported. The most used in China is mainly Bochu system, the main import of Fager, Siemens and Luster bus system.


3. Cutting head, cutting head is the main component affecting the effect of laser cutting, the most used in China is Jiaqiang and Wan Shunxing two brands, imported Pretzite, the price difference is obvious.

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Therefore, different manufacturers will have different configurations, different configurations lead to different prices, the above is the basic basis for laser cutting machine manufacturers to quote, it is recommended that when buying equipment, a lot of comparison to choose the most appropriate price.

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