BS3015E-2000W Laser cutting machine for plastic processing and display effects

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BS3015E-2000W Laser cutting machine for plastic processing and display effects

BS3015E-2000W Laser cutting machine processing plastic, mentioned plastic products, a lot of people will associate with the roadside stall to sell the bucket, basket, basin, etc., with the development of science and technology, plastic products are not only the above products, cars, electronics, medical instruments have been used, and even aerospace high-tech, precision, high-end areas have been used.But to be applied in these high-end fields, in addition to the material of the plastic itself to meet the requirements of laser cutting processing, but also to solve the problem of laser lettering processing, but also to solve the problem of how to achieve precision, clean, fast and effective in the process of plastic welding, cutting, engraving, drilling and so on.The advantages of laser cutting machine for plastic processing are summarized as follows:

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Start, laser cutting machine plastic nozzle quality is good, belongs to the non-contact cutting, cutting edge affected by heat is very small, there is no thermal deformation of the workpiece, completely avoid the formation of die blanking edge collapse, laser cutting seam is smooth and smooth, generally do not need two processing.

Second, laser cutting machine processing plastic materials can improve the speed of new product development: after the formation of product drawings, you can immediately carry out laser processing, and in a short time in the production cycle to get the sample of new plastic products.

Third, laser cutting machine cutting plastic materials can save plastic mold costs, plastic laser cutting processing does not need a mold, no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, save the time to replace the mold, thus saving the processing costs, reduce the cost of manufacturing, suitable for products or small batch plastic products processing.

Now the continuous development of science and technology, can bring a lot of domains are very large development and support, can show the benefits of too many, will cause a lot of domains, such progress acceleration, but also leads to the emergence of many new products, and the development of science and technology, also has brought a lot of advanced mechanical equipment used for example metal laser cutting machine is a very good example, so use this equipment, concrete is to be able to show what effect?

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1, can bring the role

Now a lot of people are extremely concerned about the use of various mechanical equipment, because want to get good use effect, the second is also in order to ensure the process of using convenience, like a laser cutting machine, as now the advanced equipment, can use laser power, to focus on cutting effect, for all kinds of materials can be finished cutting operation, simple is very convenient.

2. Reasons for its popularity

Can get the attention of equipment, laser cutting machine, which is a domain using cutting machine now very much, the main reason for using the device, actually because of after use, can have the effect of fast cutting and high cutting precision, at the same time, it can guarantee the smooth of incision, manufacturing cost is low, is well worth its widespread use.

Now the use of metal laser cutting machine is very wide range, the reason is because this equipment is very convenient and simple to use, so it can better help the production of various products, improve the work efficiency.


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