Buy 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting, how to choose manufacturers? Please refer to these five aspects

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Buy 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting, how to choose manufacturers? Please refer to these five aspects

2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting industry development to today, the market has become increasingly mature, especially under the development of the Internet, product price is very transparent, but there are still many small workshops in the market to compete with price war means. The user often falls into its trap because of low price, loss is painful. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable laser cutting machine equipment manufacturer. So, which laser cutting machine manufacturer is good? Today xiaobian tells you about the 5 criteria for choosing manufacturers.

1. Qualification is very important in choosing a manufacturer.

In the choice of manufacturers, users must have their own standards. Manufacturer's license examination is particularly important. For example: business license, you can look at the business scope of the license, understand whether it is related to the equipment sold, if the project is not related to this, you can directly reject. If the license is not complete, do not take out the license of the enterprise, there is no need to consider.

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2. Choose manufacturers, strength scale is very important

Laser cutting machine production factory license, business qualification confirmed, but also pay attention to the size of the manufacturer, product series, etc.. You can't just focus on price. Manufacturers of large scale, such as: know whether to have their own R & D department, equipment production base, marketing team, after-sales team, service points covering the country, strong financial strength, will invest more in product research and development, product series is more perfect, more types of equipment, users have more choices. If there is an opportunity to try, try first, determine the efficacy of purchase.

In addition, the strength of the laser cutting machine equipment factory, strong risk resistance, long-term development planning, will not pay attention to the immediate interests, there will not be some small workshop type of enterprise "low trap", "a hammer sale" and other routine.

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3. Equipment performance and quality are the key to choose the manufacturer.

Select laser cutting machine equipment, but also to inspect equipment performance, stability, failure rate, etc. When screening manufacturers, it must be clear that the cost of machine research and development and manufacturing determines the price of equipment. It is well understood that the equipment research and development cost investment, fine manufacturing skills, good process performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, can effectively ensure the preparation of ultrapure water, pure water can meet user needs, but also reduce the cost of consumable materials, equipment price is naturally higher than simple equipment. Users can not blindly choose the price as an important indicator of equipment, basic capital investment, rational choice for their own needs of laser cutting machine equipment.

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4. Choose manufacturers, improve the service system, and keep up with after-sales service

After-sales service is also a key point of concern for users. Laser cutting machine manufacturers whether to provide follow-up services. Whether it is product skill training, consumables replacement, post-maintenance, etc., whether users can get timely guidance from after-sales engineers, these are very important. The strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers, with many years of their own equipment manufacturing experience, its own set of professional, perfect, thoughtful pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, so that every user is very at ease. It is recommended that users choose manufacturers with many service outlets nationwide, especially those with local service outlets. If there is a problem with equipment, manufacturers can provide services, technical training and consumable replacement in a timely manner.

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5. When choosing manufacturers, public praise and reputation are very important

"People without letter will not stand", manufacturers poor reputation, no credibility, the interests of users can not be guaranteed. In the Internet era, users can get online and check the reputation of manufacturers. At the same time, you can also learn about some of its partners. Look at the market share of the manufacturer's products. Everybody cooperates with this manufacturer, the manufacturer with good reputation, chooses the product to be more assured.

Laser cutting machine, there is no doubt that is now metal processing "standard", as the basic equipment of metal processing, more and more industrial manufacturers can not do without it. Laser cutting machine on the market now, many styles, different people have different standards of purchase, businesses also like to boast. Users in the choice of laser cutting machine manufacturers, to refer to the above five standards, not affected by low prices, sales incitement, to rational choice. At the same time, it is recommended that users in the selection of laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers, and manufacturers to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, so as to save the cost of purchase, improve production efficiency, but also reduce the price, so that their own quality and cheap equipment.

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