China press brake machine clamp safety rules and the basic structure of CNC shearing machine

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China press brake machine clamp safety rules and the basic structure of CNC shearing machine

China press brake machine clamp safety rules

As we all know, the China press brake machine in use can be replaced with different tools for different products of the bending operation, in order to more effectively improve the efficiency of the bending machine, bending machine tool replacement efficiency and replacement does not affect the quality of the product, this is particularly important.

1. Due to the tool installation is not in place, it will directly affect the accuracy of bending, resulting in defective products in the bending process

2. Because the tool installation is too troublesome, continuous debugging, also affect the production efficiency

To sum up, the bending machine quick clip came into being.

300T Press Brake

What is the quick clip of the bending machine?In fact, this product is not very unfamiliar in the present bending machine equipment.It is the top priority of the bending machine tool installation products, can effectively, quickly and accurately fixed different bending machine tools, improve efficiency.General bending machine by more than 10 pieces of bending machine quick clip installed on the above.

Now safety production is more and more important, then how to use the bending machine fast clamping products correctly?

1. When replacing the bending machine cutter, the bending machine mould is separated from the lower mould

2. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the bending machine stops, preferably in the state of power off, in order to prevent safety accidents

3. Twist the handle on the fast clip of the bending machine. At this time, it must be operated by two people, and two of the fast clip of the bending machine at both ends must be kept closed

4. Keep the stability of the tool before the last few quick clips of the bending machine are opened, so as to open the handle of the fast clip of the bending machine, so as to prevent the accident caused by the cutter falling off accidentally

5. Move the replacement tool to the upper die, and then quickly close the bending machine to connect the template handle, and let it fix the tool

6. Then turn on the bending machine to bend the product!

The basic structure of CNC shearing machine

What are the basic structures of shearing machine?We can only function better if we have a clear understanding of all its parts.What is the structure of CNC plate shearing machine?Let's discuss the content:

1. The frame adopts the structure, the left and right vertical plate worktable, the press plate is welded into a one-body structure. After welding, the tempering eliminates the internal stress, and the overall stiffness is good and the stability is high.

2. The tool rest adopts steel structure. Under the thrust of the oil cylinders on both sides, the shearing action can be completed by swinging around the fixed pin shaft, without the guide rail system.At the end of cutting, the tool holder will quickly and automatically return to position under the action of the return cylinder.When the cutting is over, the tool carrier will quickly and automatically return to position under the action of the returning cylinder.It has a mechanism to quickly adjust the blade clearance. The scale value is displayed on the dial.

3. The rear fixing material is installed on the tool rest and swings with the tool rest.The adjustment of the gear distance is driven by the motor, the motor is transmitted to the left and right screw through the drive shaft and a pair of sprockets, which drives the block frame to move forward and backward along the guide rod.There are two buttons on the button panel of the button box in the front of the machine, respectively the front and rear rough adjustment buttons.When the button is pressed, the rear stopper moves quickly back and forth.

The hydraulic system is installed on the end face of the tank, which is fixed to the frame beam for easy cleaning and disassembly.The system pressure is provided by the oil pump. Under the control of the electro-hydraulic system, each valve [] can realize the sequential action of pressing foot, knife rest cutting material and other action specifications.

front machine shearing

5. The pressing device is mainly composed of a group of pressing cylinders.Before the tool rest is lowered, the plunger of the press cylinder overcomes the action of the spring and presses the sheet material.After cutting, it is reset under the action of a spring, and there is a safety guardrail for protection.

6. The machine is powered by the three-phase system power supply (380V), the control circuit voltage (220V) is provided by the control transformer, the DC power supply (24V) transformer and the silicon rectifier required to execute the circuit solenoid valve are provided.

Operation essentials of high-speed plate shearing machine:

1. It is not allowed to shear the composite metal plate. It is considered that the edge of the raw edge metal plate can not be trimmed.

2. The clearance between the cutter head should be adjusted according to the thickness of the metal plate, but should not exceed 1/30 of the maximum plate thickness.The cutter head should be fastened reliably, the upper and lower cutter surface should be kept parallel, and manual turning inspection should be carried out after adjustment to avoid accidents.

3. The knife head should be sharp.If the edge becomes blunt or cracks appear, it should be replaced in time.

4. When shearing, the pressing device should press the metal plate, and it is not allowed to stop shearing if the pressing is not tight.

5. For hydraulically installed equipment, except throttle valve, other hydraulic valves shall not be adjusted without permission.

6. The thickness of the plate cut by the blade of the hydraulic swing hydraulic brake plate shears should be determined according to the relationship curve between the ultimate strength of the plate and the thickness of the plate.

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