Chinese bending machine press brake which good quality

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Chinese bending machine press brake which good quality

1) This equipment adopts Germany Bosch Rexroth electrohydraulic service -- synchronous proportional control hydraulic system, Y1,Y2 both sides of the cylinder can be independently adjustable, to ensure the high precision synchronization and the same Angle of the slide plate, left YI, right Y2 two main cylinder, the lower end of three hydraulic disturbance compensation cylinder, to ensure the plate omni-directional Angle.

(2) The rear stop of the bending machine press brake adopts: one forming solid aluminum structure, which has the advantages of good rigidity, small inertia, high repeated positioning accuracy and stability. There are 4 gear points, 2 in the middle are for automatic control, 2 on both sides are for manual control, each gear point is 3 gears, moving left and right along the double linear guide rail, ensuring the high precision and firm gear position! (Direct guide rail is imported from Taiwan.)

E21 press

(3) NUMERICAL control operation using the Netherlands DELEM-DA-52S updated version of numerical control operating system, 7.5-inch color screen, digital fast programming display, simple and clear operation, function, comprehensive, 1G industrial memory, can be one time continuous bending 25 different size plate.

(4) The CNC system of the service is mitsubishi of Japan, and the electrical system is Schneider of France, which ensures professional quality, stability and durability!

(5) The hydraulic system and proportional service synchronous valve group are imported from German BOSCH Rexroth system to ensure the quality, performance and long service life of the machine tool.

(6) the oil cylinders on the left and right sides of the CNC bending machine are counted by a pair of high resolution grating ruler and feedback pulse to the NUMERICAL control system, to ensure the synchronization accuracy of the oil cylinders on the left and right sides of +0.001mm.(The grating ruler is imported from Germany.)

Guangzhou PLACKER CNC machinery Co., Ltd. is a German PLACKER company in China production of CNC planer, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine enterprises, the company integrates German core technology and design concepts, to create the quality of China's brand.

Numerical control hydraulic bending machine function configuration brief


High precision molding:

PLACKER peneke bending machine with high accuracy, high speed characteristics. Through closed loop and servo hydraulic technology, the slide repeatability and parallel accuracy of the Puneke bending machine can reach +/-0.01mm

Superior precision of Puneco bending machine:

Y1/Y2 slider synchronous control

The closed loop and servo hydraulic technology realize the high precision and rapid forming of the bending machine

+/-0.01mm slider repeat accuracy

Slider parallel accuracy of +/-0.01mm

Frame basic features of the company's original factory design, exquisite craftsmanship.

2. The whole steel plate welding structure, the frame thick, rigid and strong shock absorption.

3. The structure adopts the sand way to remove rust, and is sprayed with anti-rust paint.

4. The column, upper working slider and lower working table of the machine tool are finished by imported large CNC floor boring and milling machine to ensure the parallelism, perpendicularity and parallelism of each installation face.

5. Up-moving bending machine design, smooth work, easy to operate, safe.

6. The function of keeping calendering at the bottom dead point ensures the accuracy of the workpiece.

7. Under the relevant national standard conditions, the bending Angle accuracy is ensured within +30".


Numerical control system using the Netherlands DELEM company or Swiss CYBLEC company, its characteristics are: 

1. Using real-time Windows embedded operating system, can realize instant shutdown, frequent switch.

2. Stylish appearance design, easy to operate, reflect the people-oriented.

3. Intelligent modular structure, the system can flexibly expand 24 axes.

4.10.4 "CRT monochrome LCD display.

5. Built-in PLC function, reduce circuit design, increase reliability.

6. Automatic accumulative of machine working time and bending times.

7. Bending process programming: bending Angle programming, multiple sets of process continuous programming.

8. Mold programming and selection of bending process programming, according to the plate thickness, material, length of automatic calculation of bending force, automatic calculation of Angle error correction.

9. Omni-directional collision detection function, eliminate waste products.

10. Error display system, prevent misoperation.

11. Built-in word processor, 128MB memory, USB interface.

12. Remote diagnosis function.

13. Public/English conversion, including multiple Chinese characters display.

Torsion Bar

1. Adopt German BOSCH complete hydraulic assembly, proportional servo valve drive, hydraulic valve group, hydraulic system with overload protection function, can get synchronous control precision.

2. The motor is assembled by German ABB or imported, with strong power and low noise.

3. The sealing ring is made of Japan NOK and Germany ECO, with compact structure, good sealing performance, reliable operation and long life.

4. There is a high pressure filter on the hydraulic unit to ensure filtration.

5. Clear and intuitive display of oil level, height and temperature.

6. The machine can work continuously under rated load, the hydraulic system has no leakage and continuous stability, with high precision.


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