Classification and application of bending machine

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Classification and application of bending machine

Bending machine mainly refers to the plate bending machine, used for a variety of plastic, metal plate bending molding operations. Bending

machine can be divided into different types according to the characteristics of the work, the following Qingdao yifei bending machine

classification for a comprehensive and detailed introduction.

The common classification of bending machine is as follows :

1. Manual bending machine

This type of bending machine structure is relatively simple, through manual operation, more laborious, suitable for small specifications of


2. CNC bending machine

The essence of CNC bending machine is a CNC bending machine die for bending thin plates. The die is composed of a bracket, a working

table and a clamping plate. By energizing the coil, the force of gravity on the pressing plate is generated, so as to complete the clamping of

thin plates between the pressing plate and the base. Because the electromagnetic force clamping method is adopted, the pressing plate is

made according to the specific requirements of the workpiece, the operation is simple, and the workpiece with side wall can be processed.

CNC bending machine has different models, common G, F, WC67K, etc. The e plastic sheet numerical control bending machine is developed

according to the principle of sheet heating, softening, melting and welding, which is suitable for the bending Angle of all thermoplastic

materials. Nc plastic plate bending machine mold, has the following characteristics: bending directly, without joining together, without slot,

don't need a electrode, the Angle of the appearance it hold water, at the same time, processing speed, Angle processing surface appearance,

high strength, it will be hand soldered into fully automatic machine operation, improve the quality, improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor

cost, shorten the production cycle of products.

3. Hydraulic CNC machine

Hydraulic bending machine according to the different ways of synchronization can be divided into torsional shaft synchronization, machine

hydraulic synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization. Hydraulic bending machine according to the different motion mode is divided

into up - moving, down - moving.

Hydraulic folding machine is mainly used in sheet metal industry, such as, cars, doors and Windows, steel structure bending, forming; V -

shaped grooving of sheet metal material. Its structure and working characteristics are all steel welding structure, vibration to eliminate stress,

high machine strength, good rigidity. Hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable. Mechanical block, torque axis synchronization, high

precision. Rear stopper distance, upper slider stroke electric adjustment, manual fine tuning, digital display.

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