Vamp laser cutting machine is easy to use, can projection positioning cutting different graphics

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Vamp laser cutting machine is easy to use, can projection positioning cutting different graphics

The answer, of course, is yes.

Vamp automation laser cutting, laser cutting machine of graphic design is not restricted, computer design output can be processed directly, meet the demand of flexible production, processing can be done once the whole wide scan within the design, automatic matching to realize high speed precision machining, effectively meet the coil upper application in automatic cutting processing requirements.

Vamp can one-time scan the entire cutting wide graphics, laser cutting machine for projection positioning, automatic extraction of contour cutting, so disposable matching precision cutting, with double asynchronous system, implementation of non-interference in each other on the same working platform independence, for a variety of different size and arrangement of irregular graphics, Mix cutting in the same cutting format to improve work efficiency and save material.

Due to the traditional manual and shear processing speed is slow, the efficiency is very low, difficult layout, style, single, material waste is serious, already can't adapt to the processing needs of the market, and the upper laser cutting function to solve this a series of problems, realize the vamp material intelligent laser cutting, machining efficiency is high, greatly reduce the user cost.

Principle of fiber laser cutting machine


Fiber laser cutting machine features

1, ***, laser power consumption is only 1-6 degrees per hour; Blowing air to cut all kinds of metal sheet;

2, ***, original packaging fiber laser, ***, service life can reach more than 100,000 hours;

3, high speed, from efficiency, cutting thin plate speed can reach tens of meters per minute;

4, laser maintenance free;

5, cutting edge perfect, small deformation, smooth appearance, beautiful;

6, adopt guide drive mechanism and servo motor, high cutting precision;

7, can design all kinds of graphics or text instant cutting, simple, flexible and convenient operation;

Fully automatic material loading and finished parts collection function

9, eliminate the traditional pipe processing of all the traditional marking, sawing, drilling

Advantages of our machine tools


1. The bed part shall be welded with 25-35mm sheet metal.

2. The use of feng type structure, greatly ensure the stability and stability of the bed.

3 each factory after 650℃ high temperature CNC pieceway indirect annealing treatment, to ensure the use of machine tools for 15 years.

4. Bed welding adopts automatic welding mode to avoid artificial fake welding, virtual welding and other problems.

5. Cross bars are used in the middle of the left and right sides of the bed wall to ensure the compression resistance of the bed.

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