CNC bending machine before electric preparation

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CNC bending machine before electric preparation

CNC bending machine after factory to users, the user unit will reference to the machine tool operation instruction handbook "machine fixed, in the process of machine tool is fixed, please be sure to keep the appearance of the electric machine control cabinet is clean, and please prevent used for pouring liquid cement water and cement dust from entering the electric tank, affecting the service life of the operation of the key components in electric cabinet. In the process of machine placement, please be sure to reserve the pipeline of power supply to the power inlet of CNC strong electric cabinet. The power line diameter of the power supply should be properly selected according to the total power of the machine provided by the data nameplate on the high-voltage cabinet.


The machine can be pre-started after being fixed for a week. Before connecting the power line, first lift the CNC system. Please connect the power supply and high-speed communication cable respectively to the CNC system. Before hoisting the CNC system, check whether the 360° limit of the rotation Angle of the rotating flange is fixed securely. Please select a good Angle when hoisting.

After the CNC system is installed, connect the two-handed operation station to the industrial rectangular socket on the side of the cabinet or the bottom of the cabinet. Because the machine tool after long-distance transportation and lifting in place, so after the completion of the above work. It is necessary to check whether the fastening screws at each point of the machine tool are loose, check whether the pipelines of the hydraulic system are loose, lubricate each moving part, adjust the level of the machine tool, check whether components in the strong electric cabinet are loose and fall off, and check whether the peripheral lines are scratched and squeezed.

The next work is that the user will be reserved in the machine next to the power supply into the terminal row specified in the strong cabinet, wire end please use special cold pressure wiring head to be fixed, to ensure that the power supply into the line is firm and reliable, in order to reduce the virtual connection heating phenomenon; Make sure the grounding is firm and reliable.

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Before powering on the CNC bending machine, please close each circuit breaker in the following order:

1. Check whether there is a short circuit between the three-phase power supply of the main circuit, and check whether the input power voltage meets the requirements on the data plate of the machine tool. Only after confirming that there is no mistake, can you turn on the main power switch.

2. Check the input voltage of the control transformer and servo transformer one by one, and then close the two circuit breakers.

3. Check whether the voltage at each output point of the control transformer and servo transformer meets the requirements according to the electrical principle. After confirmation, close the circuit breaker at the output end of the control transformer and servo transformer. The heat dissipation fan of the electric cabinet starts to work.

4. Refer to the electrical schematic diagram to check whether the output of the switching power supply VC1 (which supplies power to the NUMERICAL control system) and VC2 (external DC24V control power supply) meet the requirements, and then close the two circuit breakers.


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