30t hydraulic press brake die safety debugging five matters needing attention

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30t hydraulic press brake die safety debugging five matters needing attention

30t hydraulic press brake mold installation and debugging what matters needing attention? 30t hydraulic press brake mold is composed of a lot of parts, so when installing, we must check the state of the equipment, and strictly follow the steps, at the same time, pay attention to safety when installing and debugging, CNC bending machine mold installation and debugging process.

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1 machine adjustment, before the installation, the first to adjust the machine performance, this process must be patient and serious, check the machine is not dust and used iron debris, etc., necessary cleaning, in order to reduce the late trouble.

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2. Adjust the stroke of the slider, pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and check whether the proportion of the upper and lower modules is normal. Normally, the module should be controlled at the switch point of the stroke line, which must be paid attention to.

3, the adjustment of the travel module, that is, for the upper limit of the module to adjust, in the module to the highest point, set the switch, and reserve the position of the slider, at the same time in the next line of the deceleration module, to better protect the machine and the mold.


4. The adjustment of the gap is mainly to measure the distance between the upper module and the lower module first. The specific clearance setting is determined according to the plate folded.


5, the Angle adjustment, the Angle adjustment has a certain relationship with the product, generally speaking, fold 90 mold, then the middle Angle must be greater than the Angle of both sides, then its tightness can be carried out according to the adjustment screw, when bending, you can adjust the pressure through the pressure gauge, to avoid the die edge collapse.

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