CNC bending machine hydraulic oil pollution after how to clean up

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CNC bending machine hydraulic oil pollution after how to clean up

 CNC bending machine hydraulic fuel tank in the production and processing process as far as possible to clean, in addition, the hydraulic control system should be in the assembly and the operation process thoroughly clean. Therefore, after the production processing and assembly is carried out and the test run is qualified, we will eliminate the gear oil in it before it is shipped to the customer. That can ensure gear oil in the transportation process is not easy to leak or environmental pollution. After the machine is delivered to the customer, the customer should be taught to install, refuel and run the machine again.

CNC bending machine CNC lathe under the cabinet table cleaning to ensure the precision of sheet metal bending: maintain the CNC machine table surface cleaning, the left and right abrasive disassembly, with cloth to scrub, no oil stains, no yellow robe. As shown in the figure, there are no oil stains and dirty things on the surface of the lower mold frame. Clean the exhaust fan of the power distribution cabinet once when the power is turned off. Use a cleaner to eliminate dust from the inside and outside to maintain good heat dissipation of the heat pipe.


One is to prevent pollutants from entering the CNC bending machine, in addition to remove pollutants that have long entered the system software. In addition, environmental pollution control should be closely around all stages, including the design concept of hydraulic brake system, production and processing, installation, application, maintenance, maintenance and so on.

Tighten the loose position of the CNC lathe of the CNC bending machine: check the movable position of the CNC lathe every quarter, and the four anti-loose nuts as shown in the figure should be firm. Operation steps: CNC lathe after long-term work, the rear stopper synchronous belt will sometimes appear lax, tighten to maintain the precision of CNC lathe after inspection; The wiring is firm when all parts are screwed.


CNC bending machine shell flatness detection: the level is placed on the CNC lathe stepping surface, left and right three parts, each self-test flatness is not high over 0.08, before and after about 0.02 flatness; The annual maintenance of the detection of folding machine parallelism, the sheet metal bending sample 3M is placed on the testing table, with micrometer detection of arbitrary space value within one meter is not greater than 0.3mm/m.

Numerical control bending machine accounted for the electromagnetic coil is generally common wet test dc electromagnet, it is necessary to pay attention to the armature cavity is not high pressure resistance (resistance is how much working pressure). Not high pressure of the proportion of the electromagnetic coil generally only bear the speed valve, direction valve, etc. flow back to work pressure.


For a proportion direction valve with two proportion electromagnetic coils, the armature total stroke arrangement includes a working stroke arrangement and a vacancy, when one of the jobs is in the working area, the other is operating in the non-working area (empty stroke arrangement area). In general, the working schedule and the empty schedule are the same, and each is half of the armature's total schedule. Such as armature travel arrangement is 3mm, expression work travel arrangement is 3mm, empty travel arrangement is 3mm, both with the electromagnetic coil push rod all release parts as the starting and ending point, rod push 3m for horizontal adsorption force working area, and then push 3m for non-working area.

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