CNC bending machine mold material to meet what requirements?

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CNC bending machine mold material to meet what requirements?

In order to make the CNC bending machine mold, in the choice of material requirements are very strict.Only the material that meets the following requirements is the material.

1, wear-resisting

This is the basic performance of the material, is also an important performance, because in the production process, there will be violent friction between the surface of the cavity and the billet, if the material is not wear-resistant, metal sheet bending machine die is easy to damage and failure.

2, strength,

The working environment is relatively harsh, to bear -- impact, only the strong material in the impact can not break.

3, high temperature resistance

bending machine mold needs to work in a high temperature environment, at this time its hardness and strength will decline, prone to plastic deformation.Therefore, to have -- resistance to high temperature ability.

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CNC bending machine mold installation and debugging need to pay attention to the place

To share with you, CNC bending machine mold installation and debugging need to pay attention to the place.The bending machine die is divided into bending machine die and die, used for sheet metal stamping forming and separation of the die.

Slider travel adjustment: pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and pay attention to check the proportion of the upper and lower modules is not normal, normally speaking, the module should be controlled on the switch point of the travel line, this must be paid attention to.

Adjustment of open space: mainly measure the interval between the upper module and the lower module, and the detailed gap setting is determined according to the folded plate.Adjustment of travel module: that is, adjust the upper limit point of the module. When the module goes up to the high point, set the switch well, and reserve the stay position of the slider. At the same time, decelerate the module in the next line, and protect the machine and mold.


Angle adjustment: this Angle adjustment has a certain relationship with the product, generally 90 ° die, the Angle must be greater than the Angle on both sides of the middle, then its elastic can be done according to the adjusting screw, when bending, bending machine mould price, can be through the pressure gauge pressure adjustment, avoid blade mould crack.CNC bending machine mold installation and commissioning what matters needing attention?CNC bending machine mold is composed of many parts, bending machine mold manufacturers, so in the installation of the time must check the state of the equipment, and strictly in accordance with the steps to carry out, at the same time in the installation and debugging of attention to safety, CNC bending machine mold installation and debugging process.

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Machine adjustment: before the installation, first of all to adjust the machine function, this process must be patient and seriously, check the machine is not dust and used iron debris, cleaning, bending machine mold, in order to reduce the trouble in the late.The mold for forming has a cavity, and the mold for separating has a cutting edge.

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The bending machine mold manufacturer tells you the safe operation specification of the bending machine:

1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment.

2, the bending machine needs lubrication parts to regularly refueling.

3, before bending, idling operation to check the equipment without abnormalities, can be operated.

4. It is forbidden to drive when installing the bending mold.

5. Correct selection of bending mold, upper and lower mold fastening position should be correct, Yunfei bending machine mold, installation of upper and lower mold operation to prevent trauma.

6, bending is not allowed to pile up debris and work, measuring tools between the upper and lower die.

7, when many people operate, to confirm the main operator, and the main operator to control the use of foot switch, other personnel shall not use.

8, large parts bending, to prevent the plate surface wounding.

9, the bending machine is abnormal, immediately cut off the power supply, stop operation, inform the relevant personnel to troubleshoot in time.

10. After completion, stop the upper cutting tool to the lower dead point, cut off the power supply and clean up the work site.

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