cnc press brake hydraulic press brake operating procedures beyond its safety operation procedures should also be known

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cnc press brake hydraulic press brake operating procedures beyond its safety operation procedures should also be known

Cnc press brake hydraulic press brake operation procedures have been in front, but its corresponding other content, such as safety operation procedures, whether we all understand it? If you do not understand, it does not matter, the following to introduce, so that we can know and understand, through the website of this platform.

CNC bending machine safety operation rules, the main contents are:

(1) Operators should wear labor protection equipment, and operate CNC bending machine in accordance with the operating rules and other provisions.

(2) before starting the machine, check the motor, switch and line and other aspects, whether the machine equipment has reliable grounding, whether the switch button is in the correct position.

(3) The consistency and firmness of the upper and lower molds should be checked to see whether the positioning device can work normally. (4) After starting the machine and equipment, the first empty operation 1 to 2 minutes, no problem before starting to work.

(5) When the bending machine is working, the unified command should be carried out by special personnel. The personnel of all parts should cooperate closely and follow the arrangement and command. (6) when the sheet bending to compaction, to prevent the sheet warping. It is forbidden to bend the sheet at one end.

(7) In the process of operation, if the workpiece or mold position is found to be offset, it should be stopped immediately for correction, not by hand.

(8) Bending can not be super performance bending, so as not to damage the bending machine.

(9) Once the machine and equipment are abnormal, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and eliminated in time. (10) After the completion of the work, to cut off the power supply, and do a good job of shift work. How to manage CNC bending equipment?

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CNC bending equipment, mainly includes CNC bending machine, so for this equipment, how should we manage it? The following for this problem, xiaobian to explain specifically, so that we can correctly manage, so that it is good to use CNC bending machine. Make it more useful to us.

CNC bending equipment maintenance, is a technical work, so it has certain requirements for maintenance personnel, specifically, there are mainly the following points, for:

(1) Have a comprehensive knowledge of electrical machinery and other aspects

Maintenance personnel should have a comprehensive motor and other aspects of knowledge, such as mechatronics, computers, numerical control, self-control and other aspects, in addition to master a certain sense of machining, can be simple programming of numerical control devices.

(2) To be good at thinking and learning, and to have a strong hands-on ability

Management and maintenance personnel should use their brains, pay attention to analysis and accumulation, and be good at thinking and learning. In addition, have certain professional foreign language foundation even, because some original technical data is foreign language, very necessary so.

With strong hands-on ability, which is conducive to maintenance, because there is a clear purpose to start, as well as careful operation. In equipment management, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

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(1) Formulate complete and sound rules and regulations and establish complete equipment files

(2) CNC equipment to strengthen the installation, debugging and acceptance of operation, maintenance, programming and management personnel necessary training, including operation technology, maintenance and other aspects.

At present, most bending machine applications are facing the socialization of highly specialized production modes. For machines and equipment of different standards, this is also very critical. China's long-term momentum is also partly unfavourable. However, the optimization of the tuning machine can not only improve the efficiency of the production process, but also improve the direction of industrial development in the future.

Double knife bending machine and CNC bending machine are very flexible, basically equivalent to "universal folding", and widely used in automatic production. Until 2018, both were hydraulically driven. After that, CNC bending machines started using servo drives and hydraulically driven clamps only. The main differences are as follows:

(1) bending speed. Under the same conditions, CNC bending machine bending speed will be slightly faster. Bending a 90° workpiece structure requires 1.8 to 2s, while a double knife bender requires 2 to 3s(depending on the size of the profile).

(2) bending clearance. The knife shape of double knife bending machine is different from that of CNC bending machine. Under the condition of adjustable clamping device, the force area of CNC bending machine is small when bending plate, resulting in workpiece surface damage or scratch.

(3) bending shape. The shape can be bent by double blade bending machine and CNC bending machine.

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