CNC bending machine performance and characteristics

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CNC bending machine performance and characteristics

All steel welding structure, vibration stress elimination, high mechanical strength, good rigidity, hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable.

Mechanical block, torsion shaft synchronization, high precision.

Back stopper distance, slider stroke, electric adjustment, manual fine-tuning device, digital display.

The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, and the machine tools of 250 tons and over 400mm can adopt the lower deflection compensation mechanism.

CNC bending machine machine is composed of nine parts, such as fuselage, torsion shaft, slide block, stroke adjustment, front carrier, mold, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on.

1, the fuselage is welded into the overall frame structure by the left and right columns, beams, before and after the support, which has good rigidity, high accuracy and stability. The upper part of the left and right column is welded to fix the left and right cylinders, and the lower part of the column is equipped with the left and right supporting bottom Angle iron, which is used to increase the contact area at the bottom and prevent the NUMERICAL control bending machine from falling in the process of shipping. It can be removed after the machine is installed bending machine press brake.

2, slide block and slider travel adjustment made of whole steel plate cylinder placed on both ends of the slider, and through the piston rod and slider together, oil cylinder fixed on the fuselage, run by hydraulic driven piston rod drives the sliding block, the cylinder with mechanical stop, to control the position of the slider in the dead center, from stop to adjust motor, The position of the mechanical block can be adjusted through the worm gear and the value is displayed by the travel counter.

3, CNC bending machine synchronization mechanism of the slider in the operation of synchronization, the use of torsion shaft synchronization mechanism, torsion shaft connecting rod is connected with the slider. Simple structure, stable and reliable.

fast clamp 2

4, numerical control bending machine before the supporting frame

5. The rear carrier can adjust the front and rear positions of the baffle rod to realize the rear positioning of the workpiece. The baffle rod position is initially adjusted by the motor through a set of transmission system, and then the precision is fine-tuned by the hand wheel. Its position is displayed by the stroke counter in the button box. If the displayed value is inconsistent with the actual measured value, pull out the small handle on the left side of the button box and gently turn it to make the displayed value of the counter consistent with the actual size, then pull out the small handle and push it into the original position. The baffle rack is equipped with a vertical screw rod, turn the embossed nut, and the baffle rod will move up and down, so that the baffle rod is flush with the top face of the lower die.

6. The upper part of the upper die of the die is equipped with a connecting template. By adjusting the position of the inclined iron, the upper die has a little curve in the vertical direction to compensate for the deflection generated on the table and the slide block when the machine is loaded, which will effectively improve the bending accuracy of the work.

7, CNC bending machine hydraulic system this system can realize four kinds of operation speed, slide fast drop, slow down close to work, slow bending quickly back to the original position.

8, electrical system electric box is equipped with various action buttons, and equipped with mechanical door lock device, when pulling open the door of the electrical box automatically cut off the power supply, such as live maintenance, can be manually reset, pull out the rod. After the door is shut off, note that the main circuit is still charged.

R axis

Principle of CNC bending machine:

CNC bending machine mainly uses WE67YK series plate bending machine structure; Sds-3pb bending machine full closed loop CNC system, two grating ruler, a photoelectric encoder real-time detection feedback, stepping motor drive screw composed of full closed loop control. Two grating rulers; A rear stopper, a real-time detection of the position of the slider feedback correction; The photoelectric encoder detects the position of the cylinder dead block and feeds it back to the NUMERICAL control system.

CNC bending machine operation is more simple and convenient, the machine has the following characteristics:

1. Imported computer control system is adopted

2, special bending software

3, can detect the rebound data of materials, eliminate the rebound

4, can bend C type. U shape, oval shape, round shape, spring shape, etc

5, due to the use of numerical control oil pressure system, positioning accuracy < 0.01mm

6, the performance of its products reach the European advanced CNC bending machine standard

CNC bending machine is in the ordinary hydraulic bending machine with CNC operating system, is the upgrade of ordinary bending machine products, process conversion frequently can reduce the labor intensity of operators. But the operation skill of the operator is higher than the ordinary hydraulic bending machine.

Numerical control bending machine and hydraulic bending machine compared, the most characteristic is its NUMERICAL control operating system, this is the upgrade of ordinary bending machine, reduce the operator's labor force and can enhance the processing efficiency. But at the same time, the operation requirements and operation skills of CNC bending machine are much higher than hydraulic bending machine, and relatively more complex. CNC bending machine has multi-step programming function, can realize multi-automatic operation, complete multi-step parts one-time processing.

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