CNC cutting machine in the cutting process has the characteristics of fast cutting, small slit

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CNC cutting machine in the cutting process has the characteristics of fast cutting, small slit

CNC cutting machine Product features:

1, using thickened steel plate casting, solid structure, strong deformation resistance, stable and durable, beautiful appearance.

2, equipped with medium power lamp pump laser, can cut arbitrary graphics in 1500mmx3000mm processing format. Especially suitable for sheet metal large area cutting, processing speed, high cutting precision.

3. With the following type dynamic focusing device, the continuous focusing cutting of materials of different thickness is realized.

4, work table universal ball and pneumatic feeding device equipped, in the loading and unloading save physical strength, effectively avoid the plate scratches, to ensure the cutting quality.

5, crawler cycle collecting system, convenient material collection.

6, air conditioning cooling system, the cooling of laser power supply, can effectively prolong the service life of laser power supply, ensure the stability of continuous processing work and working time.

7, manual oil pump refueling system, convenient movement system refueling, prolong the service life and accuracy of machinery.

8, physical and chemical independent operation platform, mobile control handle, easy to operate, and a U disk copy, USB data line transmission, network cable connection and other input methods, can be a computer control multiple laser machine, cost saving.


Technical advantages:

1, first of all, laser cutting equipment on materials processing production faster and now laser cutting equipment for chose a more advanced production technology, so can achieve faster processing production during operation, such as the traditional machining method in contrast, and the way of traditional process speed up more than laser cutting equipment, Therefore, in the mass processing production industry, the selection of laser cutting equipment can achieve more ideal results, and do not worry about processing production can not meet the standard.

2, another laser cutting machine during operation can achieve better repeatability, laser cutting equipment in processing efficiency is stable and reliable, and equipment in the process of running the same processing operation process can be repeated, such processing effect is more precise, when making bulk processing can also keep the same processing standards, it is very important for processing place.

3, the use of laser cutting machine can also achieve more functional indicators, laser cutting equipment has more rich functions, but also can better meet the installation and use requirements of modern processing industry.


Precautions for equipment use:

1, because the current industrial volume is relatively large, laser cutting machine is bound to carry out continuous use, so it will cause a lot of work load on the equipment itself. The most obvious thing is that for a long time after the use of laser cutting machine itself has a high temperature, and users because of the lack of knowledge in this regard, there is usually no managed, it will cause certain damage to equipment, in the past for a long time can affect the utilization rate of equipment, it tells us to timely to cooling the equipment.

2, in the use of laser cutting machine, must always control the problem of environmental humidity. Just like the use of some of our equipment, some processing parts of the humidity requirements are very strict, if the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause certain damage to the wire or parts.

3, in the process of use should also be often cleaned, to avoid the accumulation of dust, in the long term will also cause the reduction of equipment life.

Using a laser cutting machine can increase cutting speed and precision, use laser cutting equipment for material processing operations, is done through the laser cutting process, the laser will by laser irradiation to the surface of the material, the laser will form a laser beam, for cutting procedures when laser comes into contact with the material when the temperature rises, and achieve the melting point of material, This allows the cutting process to be completed in a very short time.

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