CNC hydraulic shearing machine in strict operation at the same time to do maintenance

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CNC hydraulic shearing machine in strict operation at the same time to do maintenance

Numerical control hydraulic plate shearing machine is a machine with a blade relative to another blade for reciprocating linear motion cutting plate. Is borrowed from the movement of the upper blade and fixed lower blade, the use of reasonable blade clearance, the various thickness of the metal plate to impose shear force, so that the plate according to the size of the required fracture separation. Plate shearing machine belongs to one of the forging machinery, the main role is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment.

The characteristics of CNC hydraulic plate shearing machine:

1. The frame is welded with steel plate, which eliminates stress by vibration aging, and has good rigidity and stability

2. The upper and lower movement of the tool rest is undertaken by the upper and lower cylinders respectively, to accelerate the running speed and reduce the load of the frame

3. Imported four-blade scissors, long service life, good cutting quality

4. Only input plate thickness, shear plate length, auxiliary regression and X axis input value computer will automatically calculate the shear Angle, scissors clearance and blade stroke

5. The number of workpieces of different thickness and size can be input into the same program to complete cutting at one time, with high production efficiency

6. The oil tank and the main motor hydraulic pump are placed in front of the machine tool to dissipate heat easily and avoid the resonance of the hydraulic system to the tool rest

Numerical control hydraulic plate shearing machine maintenance methods:


1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2, each time before starting according to the lubrication chart requirements of timing, fixed point, quantitative lubricating oil, oil should be clean without precipitation.

3, the machine must always be kept clean, the unpainted part of the rust grease.

4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and filled regularly, and the electrical part should be checked regularly for normal, safe and reliable work.

5, regular check triangle belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, wear serious should be replaced in time, and reported to spare parts supplement.

6, regular inspection repair switches, insurance, handle, to ensure their reliable work.

7. Lubricate and scrub the machine tools 10 minutes before work every day.

8, it is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment without designated personnel, usually people must leave the machine to stop.

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