CNC punch with CNC control system, according to the processing method of the need to arbitrarily set the slider movement and speed.

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CNC punch with CNC control system, according to the processing method of the need to arbitrarily set the slider movement and speed.

When it comes to the development trend of mold NC machining, Luo Baihui said the domestic high-end CNC machine tool market demand is increasing, CNC machine tool new product frequency. CNC punch with CNC control system, according to the processing method of the need to arbitrarily set the slider movement and speed. According to the market changes, the future development direction of domestic CNC machine tools is expected to have the following models.

1, screw type CNC punch

Servo machine is the use of AC servo motor through the screw drive slider, forming the position of the bottom dead point through the position reading device to provide data to the position control device for control. Therefore, mechanical thermal expansion and elastic deformation will not affect the accuracy of the product, adjust the most suitable slider movement mode and control the location of the bottom dead point in extremely small units. So suitable for high precision and high function of no cutting forming screw servo punch using hydraulic motor and energy storage device torque control form, the position control of the bottom dead point can reach micron level, is energy saving and environmental protection requirements of the machine.


2. Crankshaft servo punch press

Crankshaft punch and AC servo motor combination of CNC punch. This press uses servo motors instead of clutch brakes and flywheels. This press has the characteristics of servo press which can be set arbitrarily with slider motion mode, and has the torque characteristics of ordinary mechanical press as shown in Figure 3. But its working energy does not decrease in the low speed zone.


3, complex forming punch

Complex dynamic forming is a powerful means of non - cutting forming. Block forging in cold chamber forging is an example of controlling the plastic flow of material by controlling the action and time diagram of multiple punches and die. The precision and formability of the products can be improved, and even the number of processes can be shortened.


Complex dynamic forming can be roughly divided into two categories: attach importance to the generality of punch using complex dynamic die frame complex dynamic forming; A variety of production moulds are easily assembled and disassembled using the forming of a compound punch. Recently, not only in the forging process, but also in the plate gold forming and forging composite forming diversification and ability improvement at the same time, it is required that the punch not only has multi-action performance, but also must have high versatility.


4, block forging press

The forming of star wheel and cross joint has widely used block forging die and general forging punch. The die structure has occlusive function and coordination function. Other closed forging presses that save piping time during die assembly can be divided into two types: these functions are all in the punch press and the upper and lower cylinders are on the punch press and the coordinating mechanism is on the die seat.


5, plate forging press

With the popularity of sheet metal forging and pressing forming, it is required that forging punch can carry out deep drawing forming or shorten the number of projects, so it is required that the slider and the table must be with oil cylinder. The original block forging almost adopts high capacity atmospheric pressure action, plate forging requires not only atmospheric pressure action which is suitable to the working method, but also sequential action, self-locking and other functions.


6, gear forming punch

Compound hydraulic press for helical gear forming. This punch has a sliding drive, two in the slide block, two in the table, a total of 5 driving sources all share a hydraulic drive device. The initial stage of forming is the same as the inner ring forging of the normal pressure push rod. The punch is inserted into the cavity tooth space in the block, and the material begins to flow from below for initial forming. In this state, the core rises and the diameter of the core at the center of the material changes from coarse to fine. At this time, there is a new space in the inner diameter of the workpiece, which can produce a new plastic flow, so increasing the pressure of the material can fill the tip of the tooth. The processing pressure of the products processed by this method is only 1300Mpa, and the Angle of collapse and the spur of the tooth profile are very small. The gear formed by the control of material flow through complex dynamic forming can reach the level of JIS3~4, which is very close to the high value added non-cutting forming.

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