CNC shearing machine in the logistics of transportation what matters needing attention

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CNC shearing machine in the logistics of transportation what matters needing attention

What matters needing attention in the logistics transportation of CNC plate shearing machine?

1 in the processing of CNC shearing machine logistics transportation, in addition to the general provisions of the shipper must also submit cargo description, as well as special requirements for loading and unloading reinforcement. Under special circumstances, it is necessary to apply for a transport license from the relevant department. The carrier shall examine the relevant information provided by the shipper, master the specific characteristics of the goods, select the appropriate vehicle, and carry out the transportation procedures under the condition of safe transportation conditions and capacity.

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2. The carrier shall, prior to departure, inspect with the shipper the location and route of operation, the way of routing of roads and the capacity of Bridges and culverts, and formulate a transportation organization plan, in accordance with the overall size of the large equipment and the quality of the truck and cargo. Persons involved in other departments should declare to the relevant authorities in advance and obtain their consent before shipment.

(3) For the transport of bulk goods that fall under the category of special container transport, the highway management authorities shall, in accordance with the provisions, apply for an "over-capacity transport vehicle license" and drive along the approved route. Transportation of large goods in urban areas must be examined by public security organs and municipal engineering departments, and transport permits can be obtained before transportation.


4. Develop technical plan and operating procedure for loading and unloading and strengthening of CNC shears, and strictly implement it to ensure reasonable loading, firm strengthening and safe loading and unloading. If the carrier carries out the loading and unloading operations, they shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the shipper, the characteristics of the cargo and the handling procedures. If the shipper is responsible, the carrier shall bring the vehicle to the loading and unloading place at the agreed time and supervise the loading and unloading.

5. Operate according to the specified route and time, and hang obvious safety signs on the length, width and height of the cargo. Flags will be hoisted during daylight driving; There will be lights to warn passing vehicles when driving at night and when stopping and resting. For special items, special vehicles must take the lead in clearing obstacles in time.

6. Transportation costs of large CNC shears shall be negotiated between the contractor and the shipper. Road reconstruction bridge and culvert reinforcement, obstruction clearance, escort handling costs incurred by transporting large and heavy objects shall be borne by the shipper

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