CNC shears blade clearance and shears operating details to pay attention to what?

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CNC shears blade clearance and shears operating details to pay attention to what?

CNC plate shearing machine to good processing quality, we must choose a reasonable blade clearance according to the plate shearing. Generally, it can be selected according to the following principles:

1. Low carbon steel with tensile strength of 375 ~ 460MPa and elongation of 25% is taken as the benchmark, and clearance is selected according to 10% of the thickness of the sheared sheet.

2. For medium and high carbon steel with low elongation, the blade clearance value should be larger than that of low carbon steel, which can be selected between 10% and 15% of the thickness of the plate CNC shears.

3 for elongation and tensile strength of stainless steel, blade clearance should also be determined by elongation, to appropriately adjust the blade clearance, about 6% ~ 6.5% of the shear plate thickness between the selection.

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In short, shear toughness of the material, the blade gap is slightly smaller than cutting low carbon steel; On the contrary, when shear brittle materials, the gap is slightly larger. Of course, the above is the primary clearance value during shearing, which can be adjusted according to experience after viewing the shear section quality.

Let everyone on the original basis for in-depth and expansion, so as to better understand the product, but also to supplement some knowledge in this area, to increase their knowledge, ready for the future use.

1. Debugging and operation

(1) when the hydraulic sheet bending machine is installed and calibrated, it should be lubricated with lubricating oil to make it fully lubricated.

(2) Check the fastening bolts at the joint to see if they are loose, and tighten them in time if so.

(3) Clean the fuel tank and check the filter screen to see if there is any problem.

(4) Check the electrical parts, if there is a problem should be dealt with in time, check if there is no problem, then you can switch on the power, and then start the motor to check whether the steering of the oil pump is correct. If the steering is correct, you should leave it idle for about three minutes.

(5) Electrical appliances and hydraulic components should be checked to see if they work normally.

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2. Maintenance

(1) The oil level of the tank should be checked every week to see whether the oil level is too low and whether hydraulic oil should be added.

(2) The system oil temperature should be controlled in the range of 35℃ - 60℃, too high temperature will damage parts.

(3) Hydraulic parts should be cleaned every month to prevent dirt from entering them.

(4) The bending of each oil pipe should be checked for deformation and other abnormalities, and should be replaced immediately if so.

What are the main details and precautions of the operation of the plate shearing machine? The answer to this question can be found in the following statement:

1, before starting the machine, the upper and lower blades should be adjusted, and the stopper device should be adjusted, and the work can start after the air shear 2-3 times.

2, the gap between the blades should be determined according to the thickness of the shear steel plate, not more than 1/30 of the thickness of the steel plate.

3, shear material must meet the requirements, shall not exceed the limit. Shear rod materials, hardened materials and materials with high performance are prohibited.

4, a shearing machine is not allowed to cut two materials at the same time, bending machine shearing machine is not allowed to stand behind the material. When feeding, fingers must be 20 cm away from the crossing, and special tools should be used for small pieces.

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5. When operating, pay attention to whether the scissors screws are loose at any time.

6, the bed surface is not allowed to put tools, workpiece, etc., cut iron scraps to stop in time to clean up.

7. When more than two people work, they should cooperate with each other and keep pace with each other. Special personnel should control the cutting switch.

8. It is forbidden to cut folded blanks.

9. After work, cut off the power supply and lock the switch box.

10, mechanical shearing machine must be set up by special management, strengthen maintenance.

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