CNC system DA41 manufacturing CNC bending machine, accuracy 0.05mm

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CNC system DA41 manufacturing CNC bending machine, accuracy 0.05mm

PP - 160/4000 (Y1, Y2 - X - R - W)

Two, the main configuration of the CNC system DA41 manufacturing CNC bending machine

■ Standard CYBELEC DNC880S CNC system

■ Bosch-Rexroth high performance servo hydraulic system control synchronization

■ Both sides are equipped with grating ruler to detect synchronous position

■ Rear stopper with high performance servo motor and ball screw

■ Original WILA mechanical deflection compensation device

■ One set of standard upper and lower models

■ With the front supporting rack

manual clamp

Three, the main imported accessories DA41 manufacturing CNC bending machine

-- CNC system CYBELEC, Switzerland

-- Hydraulic system bosch-Rexroth, Germany

-- Internal gear pump Voith, Germany

-- Servo motors Panasonic Japan

-- Raster ruler Heydhan

-- Tubing joint EMB, Germany

-- Seal bao Color xia plate

Five, the machine structure characteristics

The frame adopts steel plate overall welding structure, good rigidity, high strength, good resistance to distortion and deformation, and through the surface shot peening process to eliminate internal stress, to ensure the lasting stability of the overall accuracy of the machine tool. When bending slider, table deformation is small, the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency.


Pieces by Germany BOSCH company bending machine dedicated digital closed loop hydraulic system (electric liquid proportion servo synchronization control system), the system is a kind of position control system, it through the grating ruler to dynamically detect the slider synchronization error, by numerical control system of electrohydraulic servo valve synchronization error correcting slide block, make the slider in the case of partial load have always been able to keep in parallel with the workbench. Slider synchronization accuracy ≤±0.02mm.

electrical box

◆Y1, Y2 axis -- the left and right sides of the slider are equipped with Haidhan high precision grating ruler (Y1-Y2), they are used to determine the exact distance between the slider and the workbench, the accurate position data of the grating ruler installed on the bow frame can be fed back to the NUMERICAL control system, it can calculate the output servo valve control signal (S1-S2). Thus, the positioning accuracy of the slider is ≤±0.02mm, and the repeating positioning accuracy of the slider is ≤±0.01mm.

◆X axis is the rear stopper control axis, the rear stopper device adopts servo motor and precision ball screw and square linear guide rail, so that the positioning accuracy of X axis transmission is less than or equal to ±0.1mm. The two blocks in motion always keep synchronized, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

◆R axis is the upper and lower control axis of rear stopper. The rear stopper device is supported by servo motor and precision ball screw and front and rear guide rail, so that the upper and lower positioning accuracy of R axis is less than or equal to ±0.1mm. Make the rear stopper up and down to keep synchronized, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

◆ In order to ensure good machining accuracy of the workpiece, the original WILA company produces the inclined wedge type mechanical deflection table compensation mechanism: WILA mechanical deflection compensation device is composed of a number of two convex plate with slope, they can move relative to form a cluster of ideal position convex curve, in the processing of different thickness or length of the parts can be automatically controlled by the NUMERICAL control system precise convex amount of the device, so as to ensure good accuracy of the workpiece processing. The compensation device not only has the function of CNC horizontal automatic compensation but also the function of longitudinal manual compensation adjustment.

◆ The main components of the machine electrical control system are schneider products from France, and the main seals of the hydraulic system are imported from Europe and America.

E21 NC Controller 2

Vi. Equipment working environment:

Power supply requirements: three-phase four-wire system, 380V, 50Hz

Installation site: clean, less dust

Maximum temperature: 40ºC

Minimum temperature: -5ºC

Relative humidity: 55 -- 85%

Sea bar: less than 1000M

The equipment has sufficient strength and stiffness, low noise, smooth operation, good seismic performance, in this environment, can run for more than 16 hours.

BDBK series three axis electro-hydraulic servo synchronous CNC bending machine

■ Electro-hydraulic servo control double cylinder synchronization, control axis number: 3 axis (Y1+Y2+X).

■ High precision grating ruler.

■ Netherlands Delem DA-52 CNC system

■ Manually lift back gear finger.

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