CNC turret punch die basic composition, important parameters, die classification

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CNC turret punch die basic composition, important parameters, die classification

CNC turret punch die basic composition, important parameters, die classification

The basic composition of

Further subdivided into eight sub-sections:

1. The upper die; 2. Return plate; 3. Lower die; 4. The spring; 5. Tool station; 6. Upper mold base; 7. Lower die base; 8. Mold base.


CNC turret punch The important parameters

There are two important parameters to consider in mold manufacturing.

First, the stamping tonnage, the great impulse of each machine tool is fixed, beyond the great impulse, not only can not punch cutting, but also may cause machine damage. Therefore, the punching length, the shear strength of the plate and the thickness of the plate should be considered to ensure that the punching tonnage does not exceed the great impulse of the machine tool;

The second is the mold gap, which is necessary to consider an important parameter when doing the mold, choose the right mold gap, can prolong the life of the mold, return the material effect is good, punching surface flat without burr, punching force balance. Choose the next die gap mainly from two aspects, one is the punching material, the other is the material thickness.


Mold classification

There are a variety of mold types. Here are only a few special molds:

1, porous mold

Porous mold refers to a mold can punch multiple holes at the same time, for punching plate, efficiency can improve several times. The manufacture of porous mold should ensure that between the hole and hole, hole and plate edge between the very small interval can not be less than twice the thickness of the plate, the interval is too small, will cause the distortion of the plate, deformation, affect the processing effect, the connection between the hole and hole under the die also brief cracking.

2. Shutters and bridge molds

Hundred-leaf window mold and bridge mold belong to punching and stretching molding mold, which belong to the common mold of cabinet. The diagram below is the schematic diagram of these two molds.

3, sink die and reinforcement die

Sink die and reinforcement die belong to extrusion mold. The reinforcement die is mainly used in the flat surface of the small arc groove is equal to the reinforcement of the surface, the processing is simple and beautiful. The action diagram of sink die and reinforcement die is shown.

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