CNC turret punch operation steps

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CNC turret punch operation steps

CNC turret punch operation steps:

1. CNC turret punch press must be studied, master the structure and performance of the equipment, familiar with the operation procedures and obtain the operation license can operate independently. 

2. Properly use the safety protection and control devices on the equipment, and do not remove them arbitrarily.

3. Check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the machine tool and the protection and safety device are normal, and the screw installing the mold must be firm and shall not be moved.

4. CNC turret punch press should be empty for 2-3 minutes before work, check the flexibility of foot brake and other control devices, confirm normal before use, not sick operation.

5. When the mold is tight and firm, the upper and lower molds are aligned to ensure that the position is correct, and the machine tool is transferred by hand to test punching (empty car) to ensure that the mold is in good condition to work.


6. Pay attention to lubrication before driving, remove all floating items on the bed surface.

7. When the punch is removed or in operation, the operator of the CNC turret punch should stand properly. The hand and head should keep a certain distance from the punch, and always pay attention to the punch action, and it is forbidden to chat with others.

8. When punching or wei small workpiece, special tools should be used, not directly feeding or taking parts by hand.

9. When punching or wei long body parts, safety supporting frame or other safety measures should be set up to avoid digging injury.


10 CNC turret punch single, hands and feet are not allowed to hand, foot brake, must be rushed to move (step) once, to prevent accidents.

11. When more than two people work together, the person in charge of moving (stepping on) the brake must pay attention to the action of the feeder. It is strictly forbidden to move (stepping on) the brake while taking parts.

12. Stop the machine at the end of the work, cut off the power supply, wipe the machine and tidy the environment. In order to ensure personal and equipment safety and prevent production accidents, please observe the following safety rules: 1. Please set up safety warning signs near the CNC punch.

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