CNC V Grooving Machine

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CNC V Grooving Machine

NC V grooving machine is intended to process sheet metals. While bending sheet metals V groove machine is combined with CNC hydraulic bend machine. It is impossible for some sheets to realize direct bending with proper quality and accuracy. In this case it is suitable to use CNC groove machine to make slotting, only after it make use of bend machine. Doing so will ensure more advanced look and quality for work pieces as well as reduction of energy and machine investment.

The Key Functions of CNC V Groove Machine

V grooving machine controls the deepness of V-shape grooving of sheets then bends and forms particular materials through standardized dies in usual bend machines. So, standard press brakes are capable of bending varied sheets in forms through universal molds. Yet, some types of sheet metals are impossible to bend properly through regular bend machines. This is when the slotting machines have a task to do.

Or else, composite molds with special design should be used. Tailored molds are not multipurpose. They are applied for a single type of work piece. In case various sheets are bent by you, varied specific molds are needed. But this requires involves high costs and impracticality. At this point CNC groove machine can be relied upon.  

Shearchy CNC Horizontal V Groover Benefits

If no CNC V-shaped groove machine is absent, groove machines are used to make V-shapes on sheet metals. Portal kind of grooving machine does not carry any unit to press sheets reliably and effectively. It fails to monitor the precise V-shape groove deepness as well as station intervals. In addition, it is disadvantageous from the point of energy costs and effectiveness. Currently CNC horizontal V groove machines are the primary way out to make V-shapes on sheets.

Lower the strength demanded to bend metal sheets.

As bend operation demonstrates bend strength appears directly proportionate to the sheet thicknesses. In the aftermath of V-groove process thicknesses of the left material is half or at least smaller compared to the one of the primary metal. Consequently, bending strength necessary for sheet bend operation reduces as well. Thus, due to this extended sheets get bent through less tonnage bend machines. It can be applicable in top quality design sheets in a range of places: a hotel, restaurant, bank, airport, commercial building, etc.

Place the bend side extension prior to bending. While grooving small V-shape grooves upon materials, the bend size extension can be predetermined prior to bending. Next, the user works in the bend machine according to the pre-made V grooving. It ensures precise sizes of the bend side extension and meanwhile substitutes the CNC bend machine back gauge function. 

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