Code for safe operation of CNC turret punch press

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Code for safe operation of CNC turret punch press

What are the safe operation procedures of CNC turret punch? This problem is also one of the users concerned about the problem, today for everyone to answer this problem, for reference only.

CNC turret punch safety operation procedures are:

(1) Punch workers must be learned, master the structure and performance of the equipment, familiar with the operation procedures and obtain the operation license can operate independently. 

(2) CNC turret punch must be specially-assigned operation and maintenance. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the press. Strictly follow the operation instructions and operation rules to operate correctly, and strictly prohibit the use of equipment beyond specifications. Non-operators are not allowed to start and operate the press without authorization.

( 3) Properly use the safety protection and control devices on the equipment, and shall not be arbitrarily removed.

(4) Check whether the transmission connection, lubrication and other parts of the punch press and the protective safety device are normal. The mold screws must be firm and shall not be moved.


(5) Punch press should be empty for 2-3 minutes before work, check the flexibility of foot brake and other control devices, confirm normal before use, not sick operation.

(6) Before driving, pay attention to lubrication and remove all floating items on the bed surface.

(7) When the punch is removed or in operation, the operator should stand properly, the hand and head should keep a certain distance from the punch, and always pay attention to the punch action, and is forbidden to chat with others.

(8) Punching or wei small workpiece, the application of special tools, not by hand directly feed or take parts.

(9) The site should be kept clean and the road unblocked around the punch press. Stacking products and other items in the dangerous area is strictly prohibited.

(10) Overload stamping is strictly prohibited. During processing, operators should strictly implement this standard. Overlapping punching and cutting are prohibited to avoid overload work of punch press. (11) Check the pressure value before work, can not reach the specified pressure value can not start.


(12) Open the discharge valve of the oil-water separator before starting up, release the accumulation of oil and water, and regularly replace the filtering material of the oil-water separator according to the specific situation. Check the amount of oil in the atomizer and always maintain adequate oil storage.

(13) when the mold is tight and firm, the upper and lower molds are aligned to ensure that the position is correct, and the press is tested by hand (empty car) to ensure that the mold works in good condition.

(14) The workshop has specially-assigned programming, specially-assigned checking, check whether the control switch knob is in the correct position before the program input. When a single flush, hands and feet are not allowed to put on the hand, foot brake, must be rushed to move (step) once, strictly prevent accidents.

(15) When punching or wei long body parts, safety supporting frame or other safety measures should be set up to avoid digging injury. (16) Control box should not touch the keyboard when the computer is started, so as not to lose data and cause the program to be unusable.

(17) When more than two people operate together, the person in charge of moving (stepping on) the brake must pay attention to the action of the feeder. It is strictly prohibited to move (stepping on) the brake while taking parts.

18) In the processing of large workpiece, the dangerous area within 2m around the press should be marked, and non-operators are prohibited to enter the dangerous area.

(19) No sundries are allowed to be placed on the working table, and all silk and wire products are prohibited to be close to screw, guide rail, gear, chain and other transmission parts.


There shall be no soil scale in the processing materials.

20) After each change of the program, the first line must be running, no fault is allowed to formally rush.

21) The operator is not allowed to leave the press or do other work when the equipment is running.

22) The motor should be turned off when the mold is replaced.

23) Strictly set the personnel and machine, without operation certificate personnel are absolutely not allowed to operate the press. And set up special maintenance personnel for fixed maintenance.

24) Strictly according to the lubrication part of the equipment for each shift lubrication maintenance, without daily warranty can not be started.

25) Regularly clean the gas circuit, oil circuit, screw, guide rail, gear and other transmission parts and make relevant records.

26) Spare abrasives should be neatly placed and anti-rust oil should be added, and protective covers should be added to avoid punch collision.

27) Stop the machine at the end of the work, cut off the power supply, wipe the punch and tidy up the environment.

(28) After work, turn off the power, return all parts of the equipment, place the origin, and sort out the work site and workpiece.


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