Code for safe operation of QA28Y-4*250 Angle notching machine

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Code for safe operation of QA28Y-4*250 Angle notching machine

QA28Y-4*250 Angle notching machine is a kind of equipment for shearing metal plate, the main joint is welded by the steel plate as a whole, strong and durable, only the cutter worn by the standard machine can meet the processing needs of general sheet metal processing plant.And don't have to be like ordinary punch, machining an Angle or the thickness of a workpiece is making a set of mould, reduces the use cost, reduces the trouble of ordinary punch frequent changing mould clamping, improve work efficiency, reduce artificial labor intensity, reduce workers' risk, low noise processing at the same time, and for the factory workers built a quiet working environment.Hydraulic Angle notching machine is suitable for shearing metal sheet materials, it is widely used in automobile factory, ships, elevators, electrical equipment, pipelines, cooking utensils and stainless steel products and many other fields.


Safety operating rules for Angle notching machine:

1. Non-machine operators are not allowed to start the equipment without permission. Unfamiliar operators should operate the equipment correctly under the guidance of the master.

2. Before use, check whether the pressure of each system is normal, whether the instrument is normal, whether the limit, detection switch is sensitive and normal, and pay attention to check the air compressor used with the equipment;

3. Before use, confirm that the two cut-off doors of the two oil pumps are fully open, and check whether the liquid level of the mailbox is within the range of the scale line;

4. The equipment shall not be overhauled or adjusted in the process of work;

5. In the working process, the pressure of the low-pressure safety relief valve shall not exceed 4.5-5.5Mpa;


6. When oil leakage, abnormal action, excessive noise, vibration and other situations are found, the equipment should be stopped immediately to analyze the cause, and report to maintenance personnel to troubleshoot in time;

7. It is strictly prohibited to use the shear blade and punch with overload, avoid the cylinder pressing on the die frame, and pay attention to whether the limit switch and proximity switch are sensitive and normal during the use process;

8, in the use of the clamp clamp material, must be clamped, to avoid punching deviation or accident;

9, after the work is finished, to clean the operating cabinet, host and material table, material on the dust, iron filings, and in the slider, mold frame, track, rack and other lubrication.Fill in the transfer record when the shift is handed over;

10. Check whether the nitrogen pressure is 2.7-3.2MPa every day;

11. Check the backlash of the gear and rack of the servo machine to ensure the accuracy of the hole spacing;

12. After the shutdown of each shift, the main brake should be pulled down, the site cleaned, the body wiped, the condensed water discharged from the air filter, and the water discharged for the air compressor used with the equipment;

13, often check the oil temperature in the work, if the oil temperature is too high, should replace the cooling water;

14. The hydraulic oil should be filtered once every 2000 hours.The oil filter should be cleaned regularly, and the filter element should be cleaned regularly.


15. When the machine is out of service for a long time, it should be deactivated in the equipment department, and the computer should be switched on 2-3 times a week to prevent dampness;

16, long time out of use and re-use, to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, found that no one, at an appropriate interval, boot a few minutes, in order to make the equipment for adequate lubrication

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