Common faults and adjustment methods of 6000W laser marking machine

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Common faults and adjustment methods of 6000W laser marking machine

1. After the use of laser marking machine for a period of time, the 6000W laser marking machine output power decreases:

(1) Whether the laser resonator changes: fine-tune the front and rear resonator lenses to make the best output spot;

(2) Whether the total reaction and the output diaphragm are polluted;

(3) the surface of laser rod of laser marking machine is dew-forming due to temperature difference;


2. The laser output power of the laser marking machine is normal, but the laser beam can not play a marking role:

(1) Whether the optical path system adjustment is accurate;

(2) whether the acoustooptic switch can play a switching role;

3. Laser marking machine can not reach the expected depth of marking reasons:

(1) whether the laser output power meets the requirements;

(2) Whether the turn-off power of the acoustooptic switch meets the requirements;

(3) whether the optical path adjustment is accurate;

(4) whether the workpiece surface is on the focal plane;


Optical path adjustment method:

1. Start the chiller in the normal startup sequence. Turn on the chiller and wait until the real-time temperature of the chiller is consistent with the preset temperature before proceeding to the next step.

2. Remove the protective cover of laser marking machine, pay attention to not touch; Turn off the laser and Q switch power supply according to normal shutdown method.

3. Use a dimming frequency doubler or white paper to observe the red light output and feedback at this time, and it is appropriate that the red light indicator screen has the most round and bright spot. If there are more than one red light spot, adjust the red light indicator to the adjusting nuts of the beam extender in turn until the requirements are met.

4. Turn on the laser power supply, adjust the current to the range of 14~15A, it is best not to exceed 15A, use the dimming frequency multiplier in front of the laser to observe whether the laser output is the most round and bright spot.

5. Place the frequency multiplier plate behind the beam expander to observe whether there is laser output. If not, slowly adjust each adjusting nut, adjust in sequence until there is the brightest and most round spot.

6. Slowly lower the current, observe the intensity of the light spot on the frequency multiplier, and adjust the nut to the roundest and brightest spot in turn.

7. Repeat step 6 for at least 4-6 times to get the most round and bright spot. At this point, the current should be below 10A, preferably not more than 12A.

8. Place the frequency multiplier plate on the workbench, at this time the workbench should be the focus position (about 22~22.5cm distance), observe the strength of the laser spot, also can slightly increase the current to adjust the nut, to get the strongest spot. Note that this step is fine tuning.

9. Turn on the Q switch for trial engraving (the trial engraving parameter is the normal marking parameter). If the light intensity meets the requirements, adjust to this end.

10. Install protective cover.


Daily operation and maintenance of marking machine:

1. Marking parameters of the marking machine, the current can not exceed 20A, in order to avoid laser burns each lens.

2. Before the marking machine works, the chiller must be turned on and wait for the real-time temperature of the chiller to be consistent with the set temperature. The difference cannot exceed 0.5℃.

3. The circulating water of the chiller should be replaced once a week to half a month. The replacement has nothing to do with the frequency and time of the marking machine.

4. Check the filter element of the chiller regularly and replace it regularly.

5 marking machine each mirror cleaning, can only use more than 98% alcohol with cotton swabs dipped in washing, gently wipe can be placed damage mirror coating.

6 marking machine should be strictly against collision, so as to avoid internal lens damage.

7. The use and maintenance of marking machine should be arranged by special personnel.

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