Common problems and operation flow of bending and clamping in stainless steel bending machine

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Common problems and operation flow of bending and clamping in stainless steel bending machine

In the long-term processing, although the stainless steel bending machine is regularly maintained, for fixtures, molds and other easy-to-wear accessories, simple maintenance can no longer guarantee the bending accuracy requirements, resulting in the angle of the formed workpiece often undulating. Excessive bending angle will affect the bending accuracy of the workpiece, and even affect the normal progress of subsequent welding and other processes. As a result, the operators complained that it takes time to install the knife and screw, set the knife, knock on the splint/clamping block, and place the paper in the bending mold, which makes it take longer and longer to debug the product; the management complained that the equipment waiting time increased , The production schedule has been delayed, the product quality has declined, and lean production is nowhere in sight; the boss complained that the personnel cost has not dropped, the equipment is depreciated as usual, and the product accuracy is getting lower and lower.

How to upgrade the clamping system of the durmapress bending machine to help sheet metal companies increase productivity, improve product processing accuracy, and reduce unnecessary equipment shutdown waste. For this reason, this article provides an efficient solution for the upgrade of the clamping system of the bending machine Program. Take a CNC bending machine as an example. The nominal pressure of the bending machine is 80t, the table length is 2.6m, and the maximum opening height is 500mm. The upper bending mold is fastened by manual quick clamping, and the lower bending mold passes Screw the lower mold base to the lower mold guide rail.

The original configuration of the bending machine was put into use in 2007. The equipment is operating in good condition and the overall production efficiency has slowed down. The working conditions before the upgrade are as follows.

⑴It takes 5 to 10 minutes to fill the full-length upper die, and the segmented upper die is used, especially when clamping special positions, it takes longer to install the knife.

⑵There is no quick clamping function when the bending upper die is reversed, and the screws need to be tightened manually. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to fill the full-length upper die; if the segmented upper die is selected, the clamping time is increased accordingly.

⑶Bending special-shaped workpieces need to consider the mold clamping position, and manually move the quick clamp multiple times.

⑷After changing the mold, the upper and lower molds need to be adjusted frequently.

⑸ The lower mold base needs to be disassembled and the direction changed, which increases the labor intensity of the operator.

⑹The angle deviation is large when bending a long workpiece, and the angle needs to be adjusted by means of padding paper, knocking on the clamping block, etc.

In view of the structural form, opening height and product characteristics of the upper and lower beams of the bending machine, the upgrade plan mainly selects the upper hydraulic clamp with the standard model NSCL-I-HC/ES II-2550 and the model OB-I-HC- Ty/ES IV-2550's lower hydraulic clamps, these hydraulic clamps have the characteristics of fast, safe, and uniform force, which can make the mold automatically seat and calibrate, and the bending process saves time and effort. In addition, the transformation plan also selects the upper mold model BIU-021 and the lower mold model OZU-010. The key dimensional accuracy of these molds can reach ±0.01mm. Due to the use of CNC deep quenching and hardening technology, the hardness can reach 56 ~60HRC, the hardening depth is 4mm, which guarantees high precision and durability. After the upgrade, the new clamping system has realized the following functions.

Upgraded equipment:

⑴One button signal can realize all upper and lower molds are fully clamped in about 3 seconds.

⑵After the fixture is installed and calibrated for the first time, the Tx/Ty alignment is completed, and subsequent mold replacement is permanently free of tool alignment, and the mold is installed and used immediately.

⑶The front and back of the mold are equipped with knives, and the bending center lines of the upper and lower molds are consistent.

⑷It only takes 1 to 2 minutes to fill the full-length upper mold, and the upper and lower molds can be clamped at the same time.

⑸The mold can be clamped at any position of the fixture.

⑹The fixture has the function of local fine-tuning of the angle, which can compensate the accumulated error of the plate and equipment.

The full-length carbon steel plate has been used for bending tests many times, and the bending angle deviation range is controlled within ±0.2°. In addition to the accuracy of the bending angle meeting the customer's requirements, due to the quick die change without tool setting and hydraulic clamping, etc. A series of advantages, equipment downtime and waiting time are greatly reduced, the experience requirements for operators and labor intensity are reduced, and the comprehensive use efficiency is increased by 30%.

Under the background of economic globalization, companies have increasingly higher requirements for lean production, efficiency improvement and cost control. The high-efficiency solution for clamping system upgrades meets customers' requirements for the quality of precision sheet metal, while also increasing bending productivity. , Has a high return on investment.



The operation of machinery press brake has a series of strict operation procedures:

1. Strictly observe the machine tool safety operation rules, and wear labor protection articles as required.

2.Before starting, carefully check whether the motor, switch, circuit and ground are normal and firm, and check whether the operating parts and buttons of the equipment are stuck in the correct position.

3.Check the consistency and firmness of the upper and lower dies;Check whether the positioning device meets the requirements of being machined.4.Run the back to origin program when the upper skateboard and each positioning axis are not in the origin state.

5.After the start of the equipment, it should operate in the air for 1-2 minutes, and move the skateboard in the full range for 2-3 times. In case of abnormal sound or fault, it should stop immediately, and the fault should be removed. After everything is normal, it can work.

6.When working, one person should be under unified command, so that the operator and the feeding suppression personnel cooperate closely, to ensure that the cooperating personnel are in a safe position to send bending signals.

7.Adjust the slider stroke and select the upper and lower die and bending pressure according to the thickness, shape and size of the plate being bent.Choose the size of the die mouth and check the bending force of the workpiece, be sure to compare the bending force table on the right side of the machine tool, the working bending force is not allowed to be greater than the nominal force.

8.When adjusting the gap between the upper and lower dies, the slider must stop at the upper dead center.Wuxi God to remind the clearance must be from large to small to adjust, the first adjustment of the upper and lower mold clearance, generally larger than the plate thickness of about 1 mm, the clearance must be greater than the plate thickness, so as not to crush the mold due to no clearance.

9.When more than two people bend, one person should be designated to step on the brake, and the power should be cut off when leaving the machine tool.

10.No single - sided or single - point load work.

11.The sheet must be compacted when bending to prevent it from becoming warped and hurting people.

12.Do not pile up sundries and measuring tools between upper and lower dies.

13.It is necessary to cut off the power supply and stop the operation.

14.Correct selection of bending die, the clamping position of upper and lower die should be correct, the upper and lower die should be installed to prevent injury during operation.

15.When changing the opening of the variable die, do not allow any material to contact with the die.

16.Correct selection of bending pressure, off-load pressure should be less than 1/2 of the maximum pressure.

17.Maximum bending pressure The length of the bending workpiece shall not be less than 1/3 of the length of the working table.

18.When the machine is working, the rear part of the machine is not allowed to stand.

19.It is strictly prohibited to press the folding sheet at one end alone.

20.If the workpiece or mold is found to be out of alignment during operation, stop and correct it. Manual correction is strictly prohibited to prevent hand injury during operation.

21.Do not fold overthick iron plate or quenched steel plate, high grade alloy steel, square steel and sheet material exceeding the performance of sheet metal bending machine, so as not to damage the machine tool.

22.Check the coincidence degree of upper and lower moulds frequently;The indication of the pressure gauge is in conformity with the regulations.

23.Stop immediately in case of any abnormal situation, check the cause and inform relevant personnel to troubleshoot in time.

24.Before power off, place a wooden block on the lower die below the oil cylinder on both sides and lower the upper slide onto the block.

25.After completion, first exit the control system program, then cut off the power, clean the work site.

Maintenance and maintenance of bending machine

Before machine maintenance or cleaning, the upper die should be aligned with the lower die and then put down and shut down until the work is finished. If starting up or other operations are needed, the mode should be selected manually to ensure safety.The maintenance contents are as follows:

1. Hydraulic oil circuit

A. Check the oil level of the oil tank weekly. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, the oil level should be filled with hydraulic oil.

B. The hydraulic oil used in the machine is ISO HM46 or MOBIL DTE25;

C. Oil should be changed after 2000 hours of operation of the new machine, oil should be changed after 4000 ~ 6000 hours of operation, and oil tank should be cleaned each time of oil change;

D. The oil temperature of the system shall be between 35℃ and 60℃, and shall not exceed 70℃. If it is too high, it will lead to deterioration and damage of the oil quality and accessories.

2. Filter

A. The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned each time the oil is changed;

B. If the machine tool has relevant alarm or other abnormal filter such as unclean oil, it should be replaced;

C. The air filter on the fuel tank shall be inspected and cleaned every 3 months, preferably replaced every 1 year.

3. Hydraulic components

A. Clean the hydraulic components (substrates, valves, motors, pumps, tubing, etc.) every month to prevent dirt from entering the system, and do not use detergent;

B. xinji used after a month, check whether there is any deformation on the tubing bending place, must be changed if there is abnormal, use two months later, should tighten the joint of all parts, for the work should be shut down, when the system pressure hydraulic bending machine including stent, workbench and clamping plate, workbench on the scaffold, workbench consists of base and the clamp, the base through the hinge is connected with the clamping plate, the base is composed of shell, the coil and plate, coil placed inside the shell of the sag, the depression at the top of the cover plate.

When in use, the wire is electrified to the coil, and after electrified, the pressure plate is attracted, so as to realize clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base.Because of the use of electromagnetic force clamping, so that the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and can have the side wall of the workpiece processing.



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