Control function features of dual table exchange of cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting

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Control function features of dual table exchange of cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting

(1) Programming functions cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting.

Use Step7-Microwin SMART to write and modify each input and output signal, and configure the input and output signal functions. Step7-microwin SMART provides three editors for creating programs: Ladder diagram (LAD), statement table (STL), and Function Block Diagram (FBD).

(2) Program upload and download functions 12kw fiber laser cutting.

The S7-200 SMART implements various communications between the CPU, programming device, and HMI. IP addresses are set in the software to upload and download programs.

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(3) Working mode confirmation function.

You can use the software to confirm the working mode of the S7-200 SMART and make the PROGRAMMABLE logic controller RUN or STOP.

(4) Monitoring function of dual workbench switching program.

Using the communication between the software and CPU, can realize the monitoring of the program, through the monitoring of the program running, you can understand the movement state of the workbench, in the case of alarm can quickly solve the alarm, monitoring the status of input and output signals.

(5) Continuous exchange function of double working table.

In the case that there is no alarm, set the circuit breaker of the table motor to the state of ON, set the parameters of the frequency converter, the machine tool Z-axis back to the origin, the cylinder is connected to the air, press and hold the buttons of the table ON the machine operation panel and the table back until the upper and lower table reaches the limit, the cylinder is clamped, and the motor is locked. Loosen the forward and back buttons of the table on the operating surface to achieve a smooth exchange between the upper and lower tables.

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(6) The function of moving the table forward and backward to adjust the position of the table.

In confirmation without any warning, the hit ON the state of the workbench of the motor circuit breaker, set the inverter parameter, Z axis machine tool back to the origin, turn ON the air cylinder, press release and machine operation panel table into the refund button and workbench, worktable moving backward, constantly adjust the position of the workbench, the workbench of the limit position and position corresponding to the clamping cylinder, Make deceleration and limit signal effective.Thus make the workbench efficient and safe exchange.

(7) CNC operating system controls the function of table exchange.

Connect the output point on THE BCL3766 I/O control board in the NUMERICAL control system to the input signal on THE S7-200 SMART, open the platform configuration of CYPCUT software, configure the output signal on THE BCL3766 as a custom button and set it to self-lock, open the CYPCUT software, and click By clicking and continuously pressing the table forward and table back, so that the double table forward and back point forward and continuous exchange.

(8) Air pressure monitoring function.

The exchange of the table of the laser CNC cutting machine needs to be controlled by the cylinder. When the cylinder is not gas or pressure is not enough, the exchange of the table will not be able to be carried out, and the cylinder will not be clamped. The software monitoring PLC will check the cylinder clamping and the cylinder backcheck without output signal.

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(9) Motor overload monitoring function.

When the machine is overloaded, the overload switch will operate. After the machine is overloaded, the frequency converter will display the overload alarm, the workbench will stop exchanging, and the frequency conversion alarm signal will make the frequency converter stop working. This stops the stage from moving forward and backward.

(10) Cutting head anti-collision function.

Machine tool in the process of operation, the cutting head will follow the plate surface cutting, when the cutting head is not at the origin of the table can not be exchanged, which avoids the risk of the cutting head being hit in the process of the upper and lower table exchange, so that the performance of the machine tool is protected.

(11) Safety function.

1) Emergency stop button.

The emergency stop button adopts the self-locking button. When there is an emergency, press the emergency stop button to stop the machine. After the fault is removed, the button will be rotated and reset to make it return to normal work. The machine has two emergency stop buttons, one on the operation panel and one on the button station. Pressing any emergency stop button will stop the machine.

2) Photoelectric protection (this function is selected).

The photoelectric protection device can be installed on both sides of the workbench, which generates a protective light screen by emitting infrared ray. When the light screen is blocked, the device sends a blocking signal to PLC, which connects the signal point to the input signal of S7-200 SMART, and controls PLC to cut off the movement of the workbench.

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