Correct operation of electric plate shearing machine process

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Correct operation of electric plate shearing machine process

The CNC plate shearing machine feeding parts are divided into front part, middle part, and rear part. For the front design of CNC shears, the lower part can be moved, with adjustable rollers, foot lifters and so on. IJ position using flange hydraulic cylinder.

1, in use, preparation must be done. In particular, it is necessary to strictly read the instructions for the use of equipment, pay attention to the correct direction of the motor before starting it, and check the power supply.

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2. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and filled regularly, and the electrical part should be checked regularly to ensure the safety of the work.

3, it is best to regularly check the triangle belt, handle, knob, button damage degree, wear serious must be replaced in time.

4, at work, before each startup according to the lubrication chart requirements of timing, fixed point, quantitative lubricating oil, oil should be clean without precipitation.

5, regular inspection repair switch, insurance, handle, is also one of the premise of safety work.

6, the machine must be kept clean, the unpainted part of the rust oil, such an environment is excellent.

7. 10 minutes before work every day, lubricate and scrub the machine tools. Do not forget this.

8, it is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment without designated personnel. Usually, people must leave the machine and stop, and there must be common sense of safety risks.

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Determine the size of the cylinder according to the actual height of the operating platform. The disc on the top should be equipped with bearings and universal ball bearings to ensure that the steel plate can be flexibly rotating, and then equipped with hydraulic pump and control box, this is the assembly of the whole front part. About the central structure of the plate cutter, we need to determine the appropriate transmission speed of the steel plate, and then choose the appropriate speed reducer, as well as the pitch diameter ratio of the active sprocket and the driven sprocket. If the transmission speed is too fast, it is not suitable for use, and too slow will affect the production schedule. Therefore, the selection of design parameters is the most important. The second part is the external aid of the transmission sprocket gear should not exceed the outer surface of the roller, and the protective plate is installed on one side of the transmission chain to ensure the operation safety in the work.

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Finally, it is the rear structure of the feeding parts of the CNC shearing machine. The whole rear structure is very simple. A plurality of rollers are installed on the upper part of the frame, but the general bearing seat is not high on the top of the roller, because the steel plate of all kinds of width can be used. The rear will play an auxiliary role in transmission, which can only be used when cutting longer plates. It can be put aside at ordinary times to save space in the workshop.

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