DA52S CNC Press Brake Manual Operations

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DA52S CNC Press Brake Manual Operations

CNC Electro-Hydraulic Servo Press Brake DA52S 

  1. Technical Features:

  • The machine body is consist of left and right columns, workbench,deflection compensation, slider, hydraulic cylinders, oil tank and beam.

  • Steel welded structure, stress elimination by vibration, high mechanical.

  • Hydraulic top-drive, steady an reliable.cylinders are in synchronous working,the workbench keeps parallel with the slider.Closed loop node composed of electric hydraulic servo valve and imported grating ruler is adopted for the main oil cylinders on both sides to break through the stroke control pattern of tradition bending machines of mechanical stopper type typical of high feed back precision for position of gliding block accurate and stable operation good synchronizing preformation and high repeated positioning precision of gliding block

  • The connection of the cylinder and slider is in the best international advanced method. The guider of the slider is the best international advanced.

  • Machine smooth operation, flexible control, no card resistance, no oil leakage and abnormal noise

2、Main imported Parts list

3. CNC Controller 

Delem DA52S CNC Controller Press Brake

(1) DELEM DA52 

  • 2 D programming software

  • Developed length calculation

  • Workbench compensation

  • USB connect

  • Servo control,frequency conversion control and AC motor control.

  • Memory capacity of the mould is 2MB

  • Memory capacity 32MB

  • Fast interference

(2) Main Imported parts list:

  • Can set the moving speed of the mould

  • Freely mould programming

  • Drawing programming

  • Calculate the safe area of the mould

  • Data base of angle correction

  • Multimachine working together

  • Outage memorability

5. Scope of supply:

  1. Accessories:

  • CNC HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE 1 SET( including 1 set of standard mould)

  • Tools: 

  • Spare parts 

  • Technical documents

  • Working condition 1. Power: 80V士10%,50HZ

  • Ambient temperature: 5 ~38°C

  • Ambient humidity: relative humidity 20~ 80%RH

  • Far from strong vibration sources and electromagnetic interferencesources 

  • Without harmful and corrosive gas, no dust.

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