DA58T- Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

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DA58T- Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

1: Introduction to the main performance of DA58T system
2: DA58T system port introduction
3: DA58T system diagnosis function operation
4: DA58T system PLC import operation
5: Meaning of Y-axis parameters of DA58T system
6: DA58T system manual interface operation and common faults
7: Introduction to PLC diagnosis and curve acquisition of DA58T system
8: DA58T system auxiliary axis: X, R, disturbance compensation parameter explanation and common faults during debugging
9: DA58T system parameter backup and system upgrade and bottom installation

CNC Press Brake DA58T Performance Brief
l DA58T is a touch screen numerical control device developed based on DELEM-LINUX. It has a shorter startup time period, more convenient operation and debugging, and is a high-performance bending machine control device.
l 15 inch standard highlight TFT touch screen, resolution 1024 * 768.
l The DA-58T CNC system has Delem two-dimensional graphic programming design tools, which is convenient for CNC programming. The automatic calculation function of the bending process can reduce the adjustment and testing of the machine to a minimum.
l The numerical control system adopts the first new technology, with high flexibility and convenient operation. The USB interface provides quick backup products and molds.
l Advanced Y-axis control algorithm can control both closed-loop valve and open-loop valve, servo control, frequency conversion control and AC motor control
l The basic configuration of the system is Y1-Y2-X-R axis, R axis can also be used as Z or X2 axis. The workbench deformation compensation function is standard.
l Mold library: 30 upper molds / 60 lower molds, material library, product library
l Storage capacity 1G, 21 languages
l Master pressure control,-integrated valve amplifier
l Multi-machine linkage function, -network mode dual-machine linkage.
l Built-in PLC function, which can flexibly modify and monitor signals.
l Diagnostic program and real-time analysis curve function
l Safe PLC support / interface. (RS232 excuse)
l Support Profile-T, OEM soft key panel production.
DA58T system conventional wiring diagram
DA56S rear interface
Wiring precautions: (customer wiring wiring)
• 5, 6 and 13, 14 are Y1, Y2 proportional servo valve output
• Pin 15 # in the ANALOG-B of the system is the valve amplifier enable input. If you need to use the built-in valve amplifier of the system, this terminal needs to be soldered + 24V.
Wiring position of proportional servo valve on machine tool:
2 Black plug-in for system I / O point wiring, please wire accordingly according to the drawing.
The red port of this plug is connected to + 24V, and the blue port is connected to -24V.
The first column of interfaces can be input and output.
The second to fourth column interfaces are 12 outputs and 12 inputs.
• Pins 1 and 2 are X-axis analog output
• Pins 9 and 10 are R-axis analog output
• 11, 12, 13 are potentiometer feedback during mechanical compensation
Wiring diagram of valve group coil on machine tool:
Wiring precautions: (Our company needs to connect the line after the line is equipped)
• This interface on the system is a power interface, and wiring is provided by our company.
• System power supply CN2: DC24V
• 2 feet 24V
• 5 feet 0V
Valve cable connection. CN2
• The scale connecting cable is prepared by our company. The Y1-position grating scale connecting line 9-core plug is connected to the system CN5, Y2 is connected to CN24
• 5V and 12V differential encoder
• Frequency 1M HZ
4 CN9, CN12:
• Servo drive encoder plug is also equipped with our company, X axis is connected to CN6, R axis is connected to CN24.
Cn7 is an RS232 interface, mainly connected to a safety PLC.
Cn16 is the network port. The system can realize the operation status of the network monitoring system through the port connected by the network.
Note before powering on:
1 The power supply must be turned off during installation and wiring, and it is strictly forbidden to pull the plug of the system port with power on.
2 Before powering on, please make sure that the main circuit, system power, ground wire, and input and output wires are connected correctly and firmly. The power supply and input / output terminals of this system are DC24V, and AC signals are strictly forbidden.
3 Unplug the power plug of the system, and then confirm that the power of the system is correct, then power off and plug in the system power plug.
5 Make sure that the scales Y1 and Y2 are not reversed. (If the slider returns to the top dead center, the detection head of the grating ruler is close to the black magnetic strip, as shown below)
When the system is first powered on:
1 The circuit check is completed correctly, so that the main power is turned on and the power is controlled. Use a multimeter to determine whether the 380V main power is missing.
2 When the system starts, the following figure is displayed.
3 The system is powered on for the first time and displays English. Can be modified to Chinese in “Settings”.
4 Tap the top of the touch screen
The system of hydraulic cnc press brake will pop up soft keys. Enter the corresponding level password
Zero-level password 741
Level 1 password 14753
Secondary password 32157
Level 3 password 25789
Different password levels have different password permissions.
Introduction of system diagnosis interface:
• Introduction of diagnostic interface:
• Digital input signal: You can judge whether the external signal or input port is good or bad by the change of its state
• Digital output signal: You can use your finger to tap the corresponding output port to force the output to test whether the port and external circuit are normal.
• 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B are analog input monitoring.
• OUTAN1 OUTAN2 is the analog output port of the servo axis, you can add ± 4096DA value here, the corresponding port will output ± 10V voltage, then the corresponding motor should run at different speeds according to the output voltage, and the corresponding encoder interface will have feedback The signal changes.
• OFFAN1-OFFAN2 is the zero adjustment of the analog output port of the servo axis, which can be used to correct the zero drift of the servo motor. This value does not disappear after exiting the diagnostic interface.
• ENC1-ENC4 correspond to the feedback signals of Y1, Y2 grating scales, X-axis, and R-axis servo motor encoders respectively. The correctness of the counting direction can be judged by these feedback signals to prevent the occurrence of speeding.
• Left offset and right offset can control the bidirectional opening and closing of the proportional servo valves on the left and right sides. The left and right valve compensation can correct the valve zero position. The pressure valve offset can output the corresponding current to the main pressure valve by changing the DA value. The table can directly observe the change of the main pressure, and the pressure calibration can be conveniently carried out through this method.
• Through the left and right valve offset, the pressure valve offset and the related on-off valve movement can manipulate the slider to move up and down.
Diagnosis interface operation slider action
1 Check the wiring against the field wiring drawing and test whether all input and output signals are correct.
2 For the first time to start the oil pump motor, please jog a few times (make sure that the direction of the oil pump motor blades is consistent with the direction marked by the oil pump). Running the motor in the opposite direction for a long time will damage the oil pump.
3 Pressure calibration:
4 Connect the oil pressure gauge to the M1 port of the pressure valve group, and select “pressure valve offset” to increase the DA value. Record the DA value corresponding to 1-25 or 28MP. The finer the table is, the more accurate the system output pressure is. 1MP = 10 bar. If increasing the DA value to a pressure gauge above 100 has no pressure, first check whether the line is connected incorrectly and whether the system has an output signal. 1500MA = 255DA value, you can also measure P + and P- on the measuring terminal of the multimeter, and the DA value will be increased to 255, the DC voltage will be increased to 8v, and the measurement current is 1500MA. If there is a certain signal, it is the valve group problem:
• The possible reasons for this problem are: 1) pressure block stuck valve; 2) pump problem.
• Prioritize that there is no problem with the pump. You can check the suction port or the oil outlet and block it by hand. The suction port or the oil outlet should be under pressure to determine that there is no problem.
• It is troublesome to detect the hydraulic problem, and then determine the stuck valve problem, remove the pressure valve two-position cartridge spool for cleaning.
Action slider of diagnostic interface:
• Return trip:
• Select -20% or -40% for the bias of the left and right valves, and increase the DA value of the pressure bias. Generally, observe that the pressure on the pressure gauge increases above 10MP and the slider will return upward.
• Hurry up:
• Select 20% or 10% for the bias of the left and right valves, and at the same time set the output 2 # (Quick Down) high, the slider will run down. (It is not necessary to start the oil pump here, the slider runs down by its own weight)
• Gongjin:
• Select 10% for the left and right valve offset, and set the output 1 # (slow down) point to 1, while slowly increasing the DA value of the pressure valve offset, the slider will slowly go down.
• Here the valve group offset opening can drag the progress bar to quickly open the opening ratio.
Diagnosis problems that will occur:
• A slider does not return on both sides. Determine if there is a problem with the wiring.
• The analog output of the system on the measurement terminal + -10V corresponds to + -100% of the left and right bias. The voltage of the feedback signal and the output signal are exactly opposite to-+ 10v. If there is no voltage on the measurement terminal, it may be that the 24v line at the A and B points of the proportional servo valve aviation plug is not welded well or the system plug is spot welded incorrectly.
• If there is voltage, but increase or decrease the left and right valve offset%, the voltage has but has not changed, indicating that the proportional servo valve is stuck, and the valve needs to be removed and cleaned.
• Another possibility is that the slider is too heavy or the mechanical resistance is large, you should choose -40% for the left and right offset, or increase the pressure offset a little more, and be careful not to exceed the DA value corresponding to the maximum pressure calibrated.
• The B slider can go up and down on one side or not up or down or up and down smoothly. First of all, it is mainly determined that the immobile line is correct (above).
• Secondly, check the problem side of the slider, loosen the bolts behind the guide rail, and add some lubricating oil.
• The C slider can go up, but not down. Make sure the line is ok, that is, the oil in the oil return port of the lower chamber of the cylinder has not returned to the tank. Don’t move at this time, check the oil circuit.
• Check the scale count problem.
• A Press the slider of the grating ruler by hand to make sure that the Y1 side corresponds to ENC1, and the Y2 side corresponds to ENC2. If reversed, you can swap the CN10 and CN14 two-port plugs on the back of the system.
• When B observes the slider down, the two counts increase. When the slider is up, the two counts decrease.
• If ENC1 and ENC2 count one becomes larger and one becomes smaller. Enter the machine tool parameter interface à Y axis parameter à feedback and change the counting direction of Y1 and Y2.
• When the C slider is approaching the top dead center position, observe whether the slider of the grating scale passes the center of the black magnetic stripe (reference point). If after ENC1 or ENC2 it will turn black, the representative can find the reference point. If it is limited by the installation size, you can use the small internal hexagon in the packaging of the grating ruler to move the black magnetic strip, which must be moved at a distance of 50mm. If it is not a moving 50mm, the scale cannot detect the origin. It is best to adjust the length of the connecting rod of the grating ruler to ensure that the reference points are found on both sides of Y1 and Y2 at the same time as far as possible.
1 The slider of the diagnostic interface can be normal fast, return, and advance. There is no problem with the circuit representing the machine tool and the valve block oil circuit.
2 The system parameter interface will be entered next-> Initially set the parameters in the Y-axis parameters, and later optimize the parameters after debugging the slider movement problems.
PLC import, specific operation steps:
Click the folder icon above the system,
The folder menu will pop up.
Select to click Configuration / DELEME / There is already a Machine folder in this folder (Machine Parameter Folder)
Click “Create Directory” to create a new Sequencer folder here.
Insert the U disk of the edited PLC file into the USB interface of the system, select the Sequencer.txt of the USB Haid disk (edited PLC file) and click “Copy”.
Then select the newly created Sequencer and click “Paste”.
The PLC is copied, the system will restart after clicking “End”, and the imported PLC will take effect.
After restarting, if there is an error in the PLC compilation, the system will report an error.
As shown in the 23 lines of the PLC in the above figure, there is an error in editing.
PLC import of this system, if there is an error, PLC editing and modification can only be operated by soft keys in the system.
Keyboard operation using the USB interface is invalid.
In the imported PLC, the program is edited.
The specific path is Configuration / DELEME / Sequencer / Sequencer.txt and click “Open”. The imported program can be displayed, and the modification of the program can be edited by the following soft keys.
Machine tool parameter meaning

Total parameters-overall:

• Service line ——————- Display system status

• Machine tool name ————————— The machine tool name can be customized.

• USB memory program device ———— Turn on this parameter and the system will boot to read PLC files from U disk.

(Choose to close here)

• Lock mode ———————– password / process input.

• Allow network features ———– Turn on network functions.

General parameters-machine tool:

• The total length of the machine tool ——– The maximum folding plate length allowed by the machine tool.

• The length between the line rulers ——– The installation distance of the grating rulers on both sides of the machine.

• Distance between the columns of the machine tool ———— Distance between the centers of the two cylinders of the machine tool.

• Worktable inertia ——————— The parameter determines the calculation of the compensation for the degree of masonry.

• The inertia of the slider ———————— The parameter determines the calculation of the degree of compensation.

• Steel Strength ——————————- This parameter determines the automatically calculated value of the laxative load.

• Machine tool structural rigidity ——————- This parameter is the percentage value of parameter No. 20, which affects the calculation value of the bending depth.

General parameters-mold:

The reference distance between the molds ————- means that when the cylinder returns to the top, the distance between the starting position of the upper and lower molds is measured, which directly affects the calculated value of the bending position of the slider.

General parameters—PLC preset switch:

PLC preset switch is internal programmable internal relay, on is open, off is closed. Usually through the internal switch to achieve specific functions, such as automatic treadmill and so on.

When changing the system M-OPTION1off to on, the PLC

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