Daily inspection and maintenance of BS3015T-3000W laser cutting machine

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Daily inspection and maintenance of BS3015T-3000W laser cutting machine

1.Check the pressure of the BS3015T-3000W laser cutting machine working gas and cutting gas carefully before turning

on the machine every day.If the gas pressure is not enoughit should be replaced in time.

2.Check whether the X-axis zero point-axis zero pointZ-axis zero point laser

preparation status and other buttons are damaged(check the indicator light)

3.Check whether the zero pointlimit switch and mounting block mounting screws of

the X-axis.Y-axis.and Z-axis are looseand whether the limit switches of each axis are sensitive.


4.Check whether the circulating water level in the chilleris sufficientIf it is

insufficientit must be added in time.

5.Check for leaks in the circulating waterway of the external optical path and you

must deal with the leaks in time. otherwise it will affect the service life of the optica lens.

6. After every day cuttingcheck the focus lens for damage.

7.Check whether the telescopic skin cavity of the external light path is burned or damaged.

8.After the daily work is completedtimely clean up the cutting wasteclean the work

site,and keep the work site neat and clean.At the same timedo a good job of

cleaning the equipment to ensure that all parts of the equipment are clean and free of dirt, and no debris can be placed on each part of the equipment.

9.i.After the daily work is completedopen the drain valve of the air tank at the

bottom of the air compressor to drain water.After the waste water is drainedclose the drain valve.

10.i.After the daily work is completedshut down according to the shutdown

procedure,and then turn off the main power supply of the entire machine.


2. Weekly and irregular maintenance of machine

1.Regularly clean up the debris in the air outlet to ensure the ventilation effect.

2.Regularly check the filters in the gas path to remove water and debris in the filters in

a timely manner.

3.Reqularly check whether the screws of the travel switch bracket and the bumper

bracket are loose.

4.Clean up the dust on the filter screen of the electric control cabinet ventilation fan in

time to ensure good ventilation to facilitate the heat dissipation of the internal electrical components.

5.Clean up the sundries in the protective skin cavity of the guide rail in timeso as not

to damage the guide railthereby prolonging the service life of the guide rail

6.After the machine tool is installedanda period of usethe level of the machine tool

should be readjusted to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine tool

7.The lubrication filling situationof XYZaxis guides and their lead screws must be

checked every other week to keep the moving parts lubricated.This can extend the service life of XYZaxis quides and their lead screws.

8. Check the pollution of the surface of the reflector and focusing lens irregularly (at

least once a month)depending on the environment of the workshopand clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life.

3. Maintenance of external optical path optical lens


1.Do not touch the surface of the optical lens(refectorfocusing lensetc.)directly

with your hands. as this will easily cause mirror scratchesf there is oi stain or dust

on the mirror surface, it will seriously affect the use of the lensand the lens should be cleaned in time

2.It is strictly forbidden to clean the optical lens with water and detergent.The surface

of the lens is plated with a special film.lf you use these to clean the lensthe surface of the lens will be damaged

3. Do not place the lens in a dark and humid placeThis will cause the lens surface to age.

Laser cutter 30

4.The surface of the lens is contaminated with dustdirtor water vaporwhich easily

absorbs laser light and damages the lens coating.It will affect the quality of the laser beam. If the impact is severethere would be no laser beam.

5. f the lens is damaaed. please contact the laser after-sales service department to

repair it in time.Try not to use the damaged lensotherwise it will accelerate the damage of the repairable lens.

6.When installing or replacing the reflector or focusing lensdo not use too much

pressure, otherwise it will cause deformation of the lens and affect the quality of the beam.

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